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  • Fox DomeAfton, Minnesota
  • Fox DomeAfton, Minnesota
  • Burrowes DomeVirginia
  • Burrowes DomeVirginia
  • Astarita DomeMaine
  • Bear Creek DomeMinnesota
  • Bear Creek DomeMinnesota
  • Hopkins DomeColorado
  • Schmidt domeOregon
  • Kircher DomeUtah
  • Sunn DomeTexas
  • Sunn DomeTexas
  • Wolf DomeColorado
  • Beach Dome 2North Carolina
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Natural Spaces Domes answer to the tiny house  
New MinneDome™ Introduced

Our small, comfortable dome gives you full size features in a tiny home. The main floor has 400 sq. ft./37 sq.m. allowing for a living room with standard furniture, a kitchen with full size appliances, a dining room that allows you to have dinner for eight and a bathroom that accommodates two people at the same time along with a stacked full size washer and dryer. 

Most tiny homes have very small sleeping lofts, some restricting you to a sitting position. Our MinneDome loft has a 7’ high ceiling, large windows, room for a queen size bed, dresser, chair and clothes closet.  The loft only covers the dining area and bath with a 100 sf./9 sm. floor.

The right two photos show our MinneDome in North Branch, MN.

Click here for our MinneDome photos, plans, and prices.

Click here for a video tour of the MinneDome

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Natural Spaces Domes

A Natural Spaces Dome is uniquely designed for extremely high winds and earthquakes.  Our domes have gone through tornadoes, hurricanes (including Katrina), and earthquakes (the 7.5 earthquake in Chile) with minimal surface damage and no structural damage..

The difference is in the aerodynamic shape of our dome, our exclusive dome metal connection system, and our site specific experienced structural engineering, employing standards beyond the basic codes.

Combined with our superb energy efficiency, a Natural Spaces Dome Home is a safe, comfortable, well designed home - a home for the next century.  Click here for dome "storm stories".

Geodesic Dome Home Living

A Natural Spaces geodesic dome home offers you a lifestyle that is at once comfortable, efficient and affordable while it is exciting, uplifting, inspiring and passionate.

Yes, passionate.  Our domes offer gorgeous wood interiors. We take advantage of breath taking views through our large groupings of dome triangle windows. Dome homes with high, soaring 2 1/2 story ceilings in the living/dining rooms. Open, airy domes but with a cozy, safe, "snuggly" feeling at the same time.

See what new domes we have going up by clicking on our Dome Raisings page. There may be a dome near you.

Call us for more information about seeing any of our domes. Most of our dome owners are happy to show their dome to prospective future dome owners.

Owner Built Dome Kits

We offer a unique, simple, extremely strong dome connector kit that allows you to cut out your dome wood struts and triangle panels or, you can buy complete dome home building systems - just visit Natural Spaces Domes Building System. If you want to see what our dome kits cost, you can go to The Dome Store.

Net Zero Energy Homes

One day, homes will be incredibly air-tight and energy efficient - so efficient they will consume zero net energy and even sell energy back to the electric companies.

Natural Spaces Domes are ready now.  Some of our domes are already equipped with solar panels, wind generators and are so efficient (with R-values that practically go through the roof) that they produce more energy than they consume.  One of our dome customers in New Hampshire had their almost completed home tested (December 2015) and reported they received a H.E.R.S. score of 38 and an air infiltration rate of 0.73 ACH@50 pascals! We're using tomorrow's smarter technology, today.

Green Geodesic Domes

Natural Spaces Domes has been building "green" geodesic dome homes since we started building domes in the 1970's. Green Domes

Energy Efficient Domes

Our dome homes have always been based on maximizing the energy efficiency along with resource efficiency. Using our dome kit technology based on 40 years of designing, building and refining dome homes, we have cut energy costs by 50 to 75%.  In some instances, we have reduced the air conditioning costs to zero! Our dome homes provide energy efficiency levels that other houses won't have to meet until 2025.  Real Time Energy Costs

Healthy Dome Homes

Our geodesic dome home kits offer components from sustainable sources and products that minimize toxins, creating an interior living space that promotes the health of your family. We built our first really healthy dome home in 1983 based on personal experiences from living in a dome for 8 years. Healthy Domes

40 Years of Dome Building Experience

In the early 1980's our dome houses featured R-values of 60 to 70. In 1972, we were selling dome kits with systems that included solar heating, solar hot water, wind power and methane gas digesters. We learned how to create a dome home using 60% less building materials than a standard, wasteful box house.
Natural Spaces Dome Building System

Domes Shipped Worldwide

Our dome home kits can be adapted to the many different climate zones all over the world. Our extensive dome web site shows you the versatility of our dome homes with lots of photos from the thousand plus domes with which we have been involved. International Domes

Dome Frame Erected in 4 Hours

A Natural Spaces dome house arrives at your building site ready to be erected incredibly fast. Watch a short video of our dome home kit framework being erected in 4 hours. Dome Building

Compare our Domes to Others

Find out how a few other geodesic dome kits compare in price to our dome kits. Comparing Domes

Buy a foreclosure home or a new dome?

Today, in the USA, you can find an older home on the real estate market for less cost than you can build a new Natural Spaces Domes home. But, is it really your best move? Click here for the comparison between buying old and building new.

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Christmas Tree

bear creek

Wolf Dome

Dome home
Bear Creek Dome Living Room



          "House of Tomorrow"

Movie filmed at Natural Spaces Domes in North Branch. Premiering at the San Fransisco International Film
               Festival April 8th, 9th, and 13th 2017.

      Click here for more information




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June 9, 10, and 11th
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How to visit
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Dome Homes
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Building Green
Video Tour of
Bear Creek Dome on
"World's Greenest Homes"

Vacation Domes
A listing of 26 domes
around the World.

Beach Dome

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Made in America

Our domes have 99%
American made items
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Domes Northwest
Domes Northwest -
Our Natural Spaces Dome Dealer in the Pacific Northwest.


Natural Spaces Dome survives 7.5 magnitude
Chilean earthquake.
Click here for story and photos.


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Our 7 dome office/model home/shop,
Minnesota Dome Tour, United States Domes, international domes,
Tour of Domes DVD

Click here for info on viewing 15
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In 2017,our Spring Dome Tour is May 20th.

June 9, 10, and 11th
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Listings by state.
What is coming up in your
area. You can stop by and watch a dome going up or join in and help.

New York Times Article
Dome School
Dome Raisings

News Articles and Media Coverage on our Domes

Natural Spaces Dome survives 7.5 magnitude
Chilean earthquake

News articles on our domes stretching
all the way from New York to Italy.

The most energy efficient, environmentally sane, healthiest, resource efficient dome home available.

A newly-built Natural Spaces Dome survived the recent Chilean earthquake.

A list of very unique domes you can
rent for a vacation - Worldwide.

New York Times Article
Building Green
Chilean Earthquake geodesic dome
Beach Dome

The Dome Store

View details and prices on our geodesic dome shell building system: Dome connectors, dome shells, skylights, extensions, interior panels, insulation, roofing, foundations, etc. Order dome literature, DVD's, dome tour tickets and register for dome school. Click to Visit.

Standard dome sizes
& our library of Plans

We have expanded our available on-line plans and made it easier to find all of our standard plans for each dome size.  Click here.

Dome Planning Kits &
Dome paper Models

Interior planning kits on paper or computer CD and our paper dome model cutout.

Planning Services

Our custom design services, engineering , dome budgets, and energy calculations.

The Dome Store

Domes Come True Plan Book Series

Domes Come True 1
Domes Come True 2
Domes Come True 3
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                       Dome Videos you can download and view instantly

Tour of Domes
Streaming Video

Time lapse video of a dome being erected in 4 hours

Time lapse video of a
36' high profile dome

Watch a video tour of Bear Creek Dome featured on Planet Green's
"World's Greenest Homes".

View our 60 minute
Tour of 8 Domes video or view
them individually as shown below

View a video of a Natural Spaces Dome being erected in 4 hours. Shot June 2008.
Click here

View a 36' high dome shell being erected next to a 20' diam. mid dome.  On Salt Spring Island, BC. Click here

Building Green

Each of the 8 video dome tours shown below are approximately
6-8 minutes long. Even though they were filmed in the early 1990's, they still show the great versatility of our dome system.

Katie & Brad's
36' high profile dome and
29' mid profile garage

Marion & Roger's
36' high profile dome

Ann & Jake's
36' high profile dome

Building Green

Jackie & Martin's
33' low profile dome

Carol & Ernie's
36' low profile dome

Helen & Grant's
36' high profile dome

Building Green

Dome Pricing

A list of existing domes for sale
from around the U.S.A. with
prices, websites, etc.

Find out the completed,"turnkey"
cost of your proposed dome just by entering the total square feet.

An 11 page analysis detailing all the material and labor costs for your completed dome home.

A new section comparing
Natural Spaces Domes to
several other dome companies.

Domes for Sale
Construction Cost Guide
MacDome Budget
Comparing is Believing

Owner building our dome home -
The best housing deal you can find:

 Small, Efficiency    $ 25,000

One Bedroom        $ 50,000

Two Bedroom        $100,000

Three Bedroom      $125,000

 All of these dome home designs are extremely

energy efficient, green and healthy homes.

Let us show you how to live better for a lot less.

Click here for info and plans

Fish Dome


Featured Domes

Click here for more featured domes

Bear Creek Dome

49' / 14.8M diam. mid profile
Your step by step photo guide on
building our energy efficient,
healthy, affordable dome home.

40' / 12.2M high profile
Ole-Martin and Sandra are building their
dome in Norway near Bodo, North of the Arctic Circle.

46 ’/ 14.1M mid profile
JoAnne and Rick, with their contractor, are building a mid profile dome. It has a 2 story extension and large garage.

This dome is for sale!
40' / 12.2M high profile
Elsa and Ted's dome built
on a mountaintop in Fairfield, Virginia.
36' / 10.8M diam. low profile garage.

Bear Creek Exterior
Gazzero Dome
Fairfax, Virginia

46' / 14.1M mid profile
Rick & Dave's dome takes advantage of the mountain view through
16 skylights in one group.

49' / 14.8M mid profile
Rob's beautiful dome group of
three domes,
including one for the swimming pool.

A 45' / 13.6M low / 46' / 14.1M mid profile model home next to our offices.  Steps down hillside, lots of skylights, large main bdr. with creek view.

46' / 14.1M mid profile
Peggy and Art's 5,000-square-foot,
4 frequency dome is now for sale.

Sedona, Arizona
Rob Thompson
Gazzero Dome

30' /9.1M low profile
Bob & his contractor Marty erected
four domes, all of them connected in a "Y" shape with 12' long connecting links.

36' / 10.8M low, 30' / 9.1M low
Kent built his second Natural Spaces Dome, a 36' / 10.8M diameter low-profile. He previously built a 30' / 9.1M diam. dome. Elastomeric roofing system.

40' / 12.2M high, 2 30' / 9.1M low
Margie and Larry completed their owner built dome,  Their kitchen is spectacular.

36' / 6.8M high profile
Martha and Scott bought this urban dome from Jim, the original owner/builder.
Watch a great slideshow!

Gazzero Dome
Taos geodesic dome
San Antonio, Texas

40' / 12.2M high profile
Barb and Dick built their dream dome
in Biglerville, PA.

40' / 12.2M high profile
Cindy and Adam built their dome in Howard Lake, MN.

38' / 11.5M high profile
A 3500 SF vacation rental with 6 bdrs,
4 baths and fantastic views at the
beach on Topsail Island, North Carolina

A list of Natural Spaces Domes
in each state and country.
Over 450+ domes listed.

Barb and Dick
Gazzero Dome
Beach Dome
Domes Under Construction

Click here for more featured domes

Natural Spaces Domes - Building Domes Homes Worldwide Since 1979
Supplying domes worldwide from North Branch, Minnesota, USA
and dome dealers in other countries.
Natural Spaces Dome survives 7.5 magnitude Chilean earthquake.
Click here for story and photos.

  International Domes -
You can click on the blue country name below to view photos and information on the domes we have in that country.

International Dome Dealers -
Click here to go to our page listing our dome dealers.

Chile Flag
New Zealand
New Zealand
United Kingdomn

This 52' / 15.8 M diameter dome had a 100' / 30 M drilling tower protruding through the top. This international science project drilled through the 10,000' / 3000 M Greenland Ice Cap.

This 22' / 6.7 M diameter survival shelter dome is going on top of Mt. Elbrus at 17,000' / 5200 M continuing in 2011.
It is being built by the Russian Mountaineering Federation.

This 36' / 10.8 M diameter dome was owner built Southeast of Quebec. This great website is in French including a video interview - However; they have translations in 8 languages.

2:15 pm

This is the local time at our
office. Office hours are
8 AM to 5 PM,
Monday through Friday.

Greenland Dome
Greenland Dome
Canadian Geodesic Dome

About Us

"Never separate the life you live from the words you speak"
-Paul Wellstone

Who We Are

A short bit on our people and
Natural Spaces Domes.

Learn about our ventilated dome shell, custom skylights, cupolas, wood foundations, wood interior triangles, etc.

See how our domes withstand
the ravages of Mother Nature.

Natural Spaces Domes can meet all engineering requirements in all areas,
from seacoast to 17,000' up on
Mt. Elbrus in Russia.

Who We Are
Our Dome System
Storm Stories
Storm Stories

Large Domes and Special Projects

Gazebos to Screendomes
to Garages



The Water Foundation double
domes represent one of our many
special dome projects.
49' diameter mid w/46' diameter mid.

A few examples of small domes
and other uses for domes.

We are introducing our MinneDome at our North Branch, Minnesota headquarters.  400 sq. ft. (37 sq. M) on the main floor and a loft you walk up into and stand up.

Water Thumb
Gazebos to Screendomes

Dome Renovation and Remodeling

Dr. Dome

Since 1989. Hugh has been manufacturing our dome system and offering dome building services in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and far Western Montana.

Thinking of making some changes in your dome? We can help you figure out what you can and cannot do.

For dome owners with sick domes
or persistent dome problems.
Dr. Dome has the answer.

What dome owners say
about living in their dome.
Dome Renvation and Remodeling
Dr. Dome
Dome Comments



Frequently Asked Questions and other statements debunking myths about domes.

Links to other sites providing
information on useful products for
your dome building project.

Tessa Hill's book -
hands-on lessons for teaching children
to live green. 289 pages

Healthy Living - Tessa's natural
no chemical, no surgery way
to keep your face looking young.

Everything Green Classroom Book
Saving Face

Our Special People

Janet Johnson
"Bucky" Fuller
Paul and Sheila Wellstone


Janet Johnson, co-founder of
Natural Spaces Domes
August 21, 1999
Visit the Memorial Site

"Bucky" Fuller 3-16-83
Visit this page

Paul & Sheila Wellstone
Visit this page 10-25-02

Special Dome Customers
Visit this page
to see some dome people who have touched our lives.
(above:Theresa Mayhew 2-25-2011)

Environmental Education

We need to educate our young people on the importance of caring for our Earth. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, sign them up for free to join this wonderful educational organization geared especially for children.

Environmental Education from Kids For Saving Earth

Natural Spaces Domes

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