The dome is essentially all roof. Leaky domes are caused by incorrect roofing applications and poorly designed and installed skylights. The Natural Spaces Domes complete building system ensures a watertight and leak free home for decades to come.

Our extensively illustrated construction manual shows you or your builder roofing techniques that we have perfected over the last 47 years in the design and construction of over a thousand domes.

Our experience is your gain.

Roofing Introduction
Asphalt Shingles
Aluminum Shakes
Wooden Shakes
Elastomeric Rubberized Coatings
Roofing Underlayments
Aluminum Trim and Flashing

Roofing or Re-Roofing your dome?  Do it right! Purchase our 70-page chapter from our Construction manual on how to roof your dome correctly! 

Foundation Frequently Asked Questions:

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