Shipping Dome Shell Components

Natural Spaces Domes Super-Lok or Ultra-Lok dome connection hardware system is boxed in 50# / 22kg (or less) boxes, packaged in a crate on a pallet and shipped within the Continental United States by over the road trucking companies or by UPS, FedEx, etc. Shipping costs (within the continental United States) for most connector orders run between $350 – $750 but vary with weight and distance. Other individual smaller items are shipped via the least expensive route unless otherwise requested. International orders for our dome connection hardware can be shipped by UPS or FedEx in 22 kg (or less) boxes. We will provide a shipping cost quotation after we know what size dome you plan to order and where you want it shipped.

Natural Spaces Domes complete dome shell kits with accessory products are shipped direct from our factory in North Branch, Minnesota (50 miles/80 km) north of Minneapolis/St. Paul) to your site (assuming accessibility and in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico) via national trucking lines. They have 53′ closed semi-trucks. In one truck, we have shipped a 49′ (14.8 meter) diameter dome shell system with its pre-panelized wood foundation, extension arches, view cupola/skyloft, interior triangular panels, insulation, skylights, and miscellaneous products. We have a special rate based on miles regardless of total weight. This allows you to purchase additional items beyond the basic dome shell and not increase your shipping costs. Check our competitive prices. Remember, these items are delivered to your site.

International shipments of complete dome shell kits with accessory products are shipped in standard international shipping containers, either 20’/6 Meter or 40’/12 M long. These containers can be shipped to your building site or to your nearest seaport. You can also purchase a container which can then be shipped to your site where you can use it as a storage container and workshop during your dome construction. Container costs vary from $2,000 to $2,700. International shipping costs are reasonable considering high energy costs. Contact us to help work out special details regarding customs, duty or other shipping methods.

United States Shipping Costs

We do have a loading charge for a semi-truck of $450-$1,100. (There is no loading charge when shipping just the Super-Lok connectors). Most of the items we load into the semi-truck are done individually. They are then secured for transit. Knowing that most customer sites don’t have a forklift, we don’t palletize everything. You’re given sufficient time to unload the truck, (4 hours – after 4 hours there is an added charge of $100-$150/hr) which can also be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday (when you can round up some friends and relatives). Some typical estimated shipping costs are shown below: (prices change all the time).

All shipping costs estimated, please call for current pricing. Fuel surcharges will be applied.

DestinationMileageApprox. Cost 
Albuquerque, NM1270$3800 
Anchorage, AKby container$7200(estimate)
Atlanta, GA1248$2800 
Billings, MT875$2500 
Boston, MA1440$3900 
Charleston, WV925$2700 
Chicago, IL460$1200 
Dallas, TX999$2450 
Denver, CO967$2600 
Detroit, MI735$1800 
Green Bay, WI350$1100 
Honolulu, HIby container$7000(estimate)
Hutchinson, MN110$800(minimum)
Las Vegas, NV1700$4000 
Los Angeles, CA2057$4250 
Nashville, TN883$2100 
New Orleans, LA1400$3250 
New York City, NY1267$3250 
Orlando, FL1650$3900 
Phoenix, AZ1860$4000 
Raleigh, NC1275$3100 
Salt Lake City, UT1236$3450 
San Antonio, TX1250$3300 
San Francisco, CA2100$5000 
St. Louis, MO681$1550 
Syracuse, NY1150$3000 
Washington, D.C.1202$3300 
Wichita, KS683$1800 

Delivery prices quoted on individual job. Of course, you can always pick up your dome kit or components at our North Branch, Minnesota shop and save the trucking charges.