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  • The most advanced dome system in the industry featuring our patented Super-Lok connector system and Super-Wal double strut framework
  • We specialize in building a dome home that will be a healthy living environment for you and your family
  • A totally new experience in living – a spacious, open, airy environment
  • Ultimate energy penny pinch-er
  • Wood paneled interiors
  • Rejuvenating
  • Surprising
  • Humanly elegant
  • Breathtaking
  • Best housing value around
  • The most resource efficient dome building system creating the most amount of space with the least amount of materials.
  • Superior engineering for ventilation, condensation, wintertime warmth, summertime
    cooling, energy savings and air circulation

In the 1970’s extensive computer engineering of the dome shell was done by Hanley Associates and E. S. I. Engineers. Paul Durand, P.E., S.E., is our current consulting engineer with many years of dome experience. He can provide dome engineering certification for all 50 states. Dome Engineering.

Natural Spaces Domes is a licensed Minnesota contractor (LIC# 7806) Qualified to build residential and commercial structures. We specialize in working with owner-builders and owner-contractors.

An important affiliation is our association with EEBA (Energy & Environmental Building Association). We participate in their training seminars and constantly review, investigate and implement the latest, most accurate data and information on building energy efficient, healthy to live in, environmentally friendly houses.

We are constantly refining the way we design and build domes using the inhabitants health and the health of our planet as the most important criteria.

There are many other dome companies who produce domes. You are not buying a simple pre-packaged kit. You are starting the process of what normally is your largest personal investment–your home.

We offer what you need…direct help from people who really know domes.

Natural Spaces Domes has designed a simple pre-engineered dome building system that is a true owner-builder home. If you are not the owner-builder type, we offer assistance in the following ways:

  • Natural Spaces Dome Construction School for owner-builders or your contractor.
  • Natural Spaces construction supervisor/assistant to work with you or your contractor in erecting Natural Spaces components.
  • Natural Spaces builder-dealer to build it for you or help you do it (very selected areas)
  • Referral to a local contractor who has built a dome.
  • Natural Spaces can recommend construction crews to build…permanent wood foundation, floor systems, dome shell, shingling, and siding. They can also install skylights, windows, doors, insulation, or interior panels.

You need to know the whole story and we can provide it to you. Order some of our informative books and the full length video by going to our online dome store, or you can call to talk about your dome plans 1-651-674-4292.

Whether you are curious or serious about domes,
you get our experienced personal attention.
That’s the least you deserve.