Bear Creek Dome

We’re Tessa and Dennis, owners of Natural Spaces Domes. We were married in Bear Creek Dome Oct. 13, 2007, and this is now our home.

Our Natural Spaces dome was built using environmentally sane, Earth friendly building principles and materials. A culmination of 45 years of building green.

Visit our “Building Bear Creek” page where we will show you all of the step by step photos involved in each building process.

We wanted a house that exuded textural quality, that had visual excitement, but a space that still had warmth and livability. We think we’ve accomplished all of our goals.

Watch a video tour of Bear Creek Dome featured on Planet Green’s
“World’s Greenest Homes”.

Floor Plans of the Bear Creek Dome

Bear Creek Main Floor Plan

Bear Creek Upper Floor Plan

More Information and Photos

Building Bear Creek

Bear Creek Dome photos and Green Building Info

Photos of Our December 1st, 2007 Open House

Concrete Slab Insulation Test Results

Monthly Radiant Floor Heating Costs


The house was independently certified as an Energy Star 5-Plus Home (the highest rating) with an exceptional H.E.R.S. score of 55.


Visit “Bear Creek Dome photos and Green Building Info” to learn more about the Energy Star program and the H.E.R.S. rating system.