Preliminary Steps to Designing and Building Domes

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Steps to Beginning Your Natural Spaces Dome Project.
The information below is basic and there are exceptions to the rules but this covers the most common steps to building a dome with Natural Spaces Domes. If you are not building a dome and instead repairing, adding, replacing skylights, etc, you can begin by talking with a staff member and then it is best to schedule a consultation time with Derek Miller or Dennis Johnson. We do not do site work unless time becomes available.

1. We understand that you would like to talk to a real person and you will eventually, but get started by fully understanding what you need to do to move your dome project along. We are incredibly busy right now because of the housing boom but we don’t want to discourage you. We would love to work with you. So first begin by fully studying the Natural Spaces Domes web site.

2. If you have questions that aren’t answered on the web site, be sure to join the monthly Zoom Room Dome Talk to ask your question or listen to other’s questions. Another option might be to actually tour the Natural Spaces Domes headquarters. Call 651-674-4292 or email to schedule a tour. Check with the office to learn the status of COVID restrictions.

3. Email us to receive the letter from us that includes a list of questions you can answer in order for us to be able to better understand where you are in your design or building process.

4. Begin with some idea of a floor plan. If you can find a plan that is similar to what you want on our website, let us know which plan. If not, you can order an interior planning kit here to start sketching your own plan. You can also email something you have sketched or a plan you have acquired elsewhere. To get your preliminary questions answered, you can talk with Tanner or Debbie. If these are more in depth, technical questions, you will probably have to schedule with Derek or Dennis.

5. When you have completed all of the suggestions above, we would suggest setting up a consultation. The charge for a consultation with Owner/Designer Dennis Johnson or Project Manager Derek Miller is $175/hour. This expense to you will be deducted from the cost of your dome when you sign your dome contract.

6. Next, Dennis will estimate how many hours it will take to draw up a preliminary plan and then a Work Authorization with a quote for your drawings is sent to you to sign. Keep in mind that having the land for your dome at this point is almost a necessity because site information should be provided and will be discussed.

7. Once the work authorization is signed and returned with a deposit, you will be put in the queue for drawings. You will be given an estimate on the timing. Keep in mind that there may be a lengthy waiting period because as of May 2022 the line is extremely long. If you have existing plans chosen, that will speed up the process. Whereas, we are very happy with all the business we have these days, we are not very comfortable with the length of time it takes to get to your project. Please understand we are working for hard to fulfill the demand, thus the need for all the preliminary steps you need to take to speed up the process.

8. After the preliminary drawings are complete, they are sent to you and you will review and talk with Dennis or Derek if changes are needed. You will have the opportunity to ask many questions and discuss changes to your plan. Upon completion of the drawings, we can create an accurate quote for all Natural Spaces products. If the quote is more than you would like to spend, changes to the plans can be discussed in order to lower your costs.

9. When the plans are agreed upon, construction drawings are begun. There will be a quote for the cost of the drawings and work related to them and you will be provided with a work authorization. There’s a lot to consider at this point: engineering costs, local requirements, local weather, heating/cooling systems, building permits etc. At this point you should have or be in talking stages with a contractor.

10. When the construction drawings are complete and approved by all, a contract is created and signed before beginning the construction of the dome. The order for shop production begins with a signature and a paid deposit. You will discuss and be given a schedule including shipping cost information as well. The sooner all of the above is agreed upon the sooner you will get in the queue to have your dome built and shipped to you.  If you would like to have virtual Zoom support with our experts while your dome is being raised,  click here to learn about the cost.