Preliminary Steps to Designing and Building Domes

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The steps provided below are essential for commencing a dome project with Natural Spaces Domes. While there may be exceptions, these steps generally outline the typical process. If your project involves repairs, additions, or replacing skylights, it is recommended to begin by discussing your requirements with a team member and scheduling a consultation. Please note that sitework is only undertaken if time slots become available. In the 9 points below, we will guide you to key topics on the NSD website to help facilitate progress with your project:

1. For unanswered questions, participate in our helpful monthly Zoom Dome Talk. Ask your questions or listen and learn from other participants’ questions. Also consider touring the Natural Spaces Domes headquarters. Call 651-674-4292 or email to schedule a tour.

2. Click here to fill out dome-related questions we would like you to answer. This will provide us with insights into your dome plan needs. Access pricing details here.

3. It is useful for us to have some idea about your floor plan. You can find floor plans from NSD here. If you have plans from another source, send or email them to NSD. If not, you can order an interior planning kit here to start sketching your own plan.

4. After completing the above steps, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Owner/Designer/CEO Dennis Johnson and/or General Manager Derek Miller. This consultation will be limited to around ½ hour. You can set up more time later if needed for a small consultation fee. Contact Debbie at 651-674-4292 or fill out the Consultation Form.

5. During the consultation, we will review your provided answers, discuss your plans or sketches, and address any questions you may have.

6. At this point, you tell us where you stand on the project. Do you want a work authorization or do you want more time to develop your plans. If moving forward, we will send you a work authorization with an estimate of the hours it will take for a preliminary plan. You will need to sign it and send it back to get in the You might also want to consider enrolling in Dome School. 

7. Now you will review and discuss your preliminary drawings with Dennis or Derek, suggest necessary changes, and obtain a general quote for Natural Spaces products. If the quote seems too high, changes can be discussed to lower your costs.

8. Initiate construction drawings with a work authorization to move forward. There’s much to consider now: engineering, local requirements, local weather, building permits and more. You must have land and if you plan on a contractor, you should be in communication.

9. Upon completion of construction drawings, sign the final contract and pay the deposit to schedule dome production. The sooner the agreement is reached, the quicker your dome will be built and shipped. Consider accessing Virtual Zoom support during the dome-raising process.