Natural Spaces Dome Tours

You’ve probably driven by one wondering what it looks like inside. Or maybe you’ve thought about one day having your own dome home. It may look different on the outside, but on the inside, you escape the boxed-in feeling of an ordinary home.

Natural Spaces dome homes are extremely energy-efficient, featuring lots of natural light, spacious floor plans, and are designed with materials that create a healthier green home. You can build your dome home anywhere – The city, the suburbs, even the lake.

Experience these environmentally friendly homes at the Natural Spaces Dome Tour. Bring the family – it’s free to register, click here. See our award-winning Bear Creek Dome with 7 other domes at our headquarters in North Branch, along with 8 to 10 other domes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.

Find out how you can live in a state of the art, comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient and earth-friendly dome home. A Natural Spaces Dome.

Our In-Person Spring tour is Back May 20th, 2023, Saturday.

The World’s Largest Collection of Domes Open for Touring in One Area

Learn How You Can Visit One of Our Dome Homes Year-Round


Natural Spaces Domes’ answer to the tiny house.

Free Tickets via Online Registration for Our Spring 2023 Tour!

The domes are located in east-central Minnesota around Minneapolis/St. Paul, North Branch, and Western Wisconsin.
We will also be opening private domes in other parts of the United States.
(We expect to be back to our typical tour of 15-18 domes open for in-person touring)

You will be amazed at the variety of living spaces. Remarks made by past tour-goers all relate to how great it was to be able to see so many finished domes at one time, how informative it was to talk directly with the owner, and how many questions they cleared up when they were able to compare and get inside so many different domes.

All the dome homes are custom designed, private homes which the owners are opening for this special tour. Dome sizes range from small 1 & 2 bedroom homes to large 4 & 5 bedroom homes. We will have new domes and old favorites along with some domes under construction.

The tour homes are located in Minneapolis/St Paul and North Branch, MN. One week before the tour you will receive a General Vicinity Map along with Detailed Neighborhood Maps. Register online and the ticket/maps are emailed to you for free! This is a “self-service” tour where you drive yourself to the various domes. You can spend as much time at each dome as you like (within the tour hours of 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, that is). If you want a printed copy of the 12-14 page tour ticket, indicate in the comment section of the tour registration. There will be a $5.00 printing/mailing fee.

The Natural Spaces Office and Model Dome Homes will be on the tour. We will be there to answer questions or talk with you about your future dome plans.

Don’t delay – mark your calendars now – the first Saturday in May. Call your friends and relatives or come by yourself. You can’t afford to miss the next Minnesota Dome Home Tour.

Order Your Free Dome Tour Tickets Online – Click Here

You can also call us at 651-674-4292.

Have a fascinating tour of wonderful domes!


We asked previous tour goers…

“What did you like about the tour?”

“We came up for our first dome tour. Upon seeing the Bear Creek Dome, my wife said she found her upstairs.
We bought matching T-shirts. Upon leaving, my wife said that this place alone is worth the two-hour drive to get here. The reason I mostly agree with her and not completely is because I did not go upstairs at the Bear Creek Dome, my breathing trouble was giving me some trouble by then. But the stairs in the other domes were worth the climbs. Would we come back again? My wife says ‘Yea I would’.” – Adam – Spring 2018 Tour

“We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The homeowners were very friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to show their homes. We had wonderful conversations with the homeowners. We only were able to see 5 homes, we ran out of time to see the rest of them. It seems like the tour day either has to be longer, or it needs to be two days. We didn’t even have time to stop for lunch. A friend who lives in Delaware was jealous of us going as they don’t have a dome home tour in their area to attend. I gave her the dates for your 2018 tours.” – Jerry – Fall 2017 Tour

“Liked what we saw a lot. Will have to come back for the spring tour to see rest of houses, esp one in redwing. Really need to do tours 2 days. Plan to build a dome in about 6-7 years. Will make frequent tour trips to continue to talk with current owners for ideas for when I plan mine.” – Courtney – Fall 2017 Tour

“Viewing dome homes of varying sizes. Being able to see how various spaces were utilized within each home.”

“Just the fact that such a tour was made available to the public allowing those interested to be exposed to a differently constructed home!”

“Actually getting inside a dome. Seeing all the different ways people have chosen to set up their domes.”

“Variety of sizes of domes and the close vicinity of domes so we can see quite a few in a short amount of time”

“Being able to meet and talk with the dome owners while viewing their homes. All owners were so friendly and willing to share their thoughts about the construction of their dome.”

“The blurbage that was sent with the tour maps — it made decisions on which ones to visit first (and the ones “if there was time”) easier.”

“Very enlightening. Enjoyed all the people we met. It was very informative and answered all questions we had at the time. Thank you.”

…From the Spring 2011 Dome Tour:

“This year we planned out our tour much better than the first year where we just went hodgepodge from one to another. This year we went south and worked our way back north to Bear Creek Dome. It worked out fantastic! A GPS really helped. You may recommend one on your website when a person books the tour.”

“We liked the diversity of the domes. Different floor plans, different decorating, both Bonnie and I came away with an appreciation of just how many things can be done with a dome.”

From Annie & Bill, New York state tour-goers on May 3rd, 2003.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do. We just got back from your Dome Tour and all we can say is WOW! We visited eight of eleven sites on the tour. The people/owners were all really informative and open to sharing their homes and ideas with all who visited. We learned so much, it was almost overwhelming for just one day. We took so many pictures we had to go and buy another memory card for our camera. Now we have even more incentive to pursue our own dome dream. Please thank all of the tour participants for us. They really made the day, so to speak.”