Videos of Natural Spaces Domes

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Bear Creek Dome on World’s Greenest Homes (10 min)

49’/14.8m Diam. Mid Profile

Tour of Natural Spaces MinneDome (10 min)

29’/9m Diam. Partial

Norwegian TV show featuring the build of a Natural Spaces Dome (55 min)

(Great Video but the language is Norwegian)
40’/12.2m Diam. High Profile
A dome raising at the Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Black Foot, SD (7 min) 2017
36’/10.9m Diam Low Profile
At the end of this dome raising video, there is a 37 minute video where tribal leaders from Standing Rock Reservation attended our NSD Dome School in 2006. Both videos were produced by Two Trees Inc.
Dome for sale in Port Townsend, Washington, in the Rose Wind Co-Housing Community (4 min) 2013
40’/12.2m Diam High Profile
Dome under construction on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada (4+ min)
36’/10.9m Diam. High Profile linked to a 20’/6.1m Diam. Mid Profile. 2011

The domes shown below can be viewed 2 ways:
You can view the complete series of 8 domes with an introduction by clicking on the hour long version, or you can view them individually in 4 to 8 minute segments by clicking on the separate dome photos. These videos were done professionally in 1990, so, if it seems “dated” design wise, that’s why. It also includes Janet Johnson, Dennis Odin Johnson’s late wife who passed away in 1999, as one of the main tour guides. She was the Co-Founder of Natural Spaces Domes and The Big Outdoors People, their original dome company started in 1971. A dome advocate, teacher, Minnesota State Senator for 8 years, and a great lady.

Watch our Hour Long Tour of 8 Domes

Each of the 8 video dome tours shown below are approximately 4 minutes long.
Even though they were filmed in the early 1990’s, they still show the great versatility of our dome system.

Tour of our 45′ Diameter Low Profile / 46′ Diameter Mid Profile “Forest” Dome

Katie and Brad’s 36′ High Profile Dome and 29′ Mid Profile Garage

Marion and Roger’s 36′ Diameter High Profile Dome

Ann and Jake’s 36′ High Profile Dome

Joyce and Ev’s 46′ Diameter Mid Profile Dome

Jackie and Martin’s 33′ Diameter Low Profile Dome

Carol and Ernie’s 36′ Diameter Low Profile Dome

Helen and Grant’s 36′ Diameter High Profile Dome

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Virtual Dome Tours

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