Dome Videos

Click on the images below to view our wide array of dome-related videos

Tour of Natural Spaces MinneDome

Bear Creek Dome on World’s Greenest Homes

Watch an episode of a TV show in Norway featuring the build of a Natural Spaces Dome

View a Dome Go Up in 4 Hours
A beautifully documented dome raising in Black Foot, SD. 
Watch our Hour Long Tour of Domes
Each of the 8 video dome tours shown below are approximately 6-8 minutes long. Even though they were filmed in the early 1990’s, they still show the great versatility of our dome system.

Tour of our 45′ Diameter Low Profile / 46′ Diameter Mid Profile “Forest” Dome

Katie and Brad’s 36′ High Profile Dome and 29′ Mid Profile Garage

Marion and Roger’s 36′ Diameter High Profile Dome

Ann and Jake’s 36′ High Profile Dome

Joyce and Ev’s 46′ Diameter Dome

Jackie and Martin’s 33′ Diameter Low Profile Dome

Carol and Ernie Peterson’s 36′ Diameter Low Profile Dome

Helen and Grant’s 36′ Diameter High Profile Dome


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