Pre-Fabricated Dome Components

Super-Wal Dome Strut

When Natural Spaces was formed in 1978, we had learned from six years of dome building and the energy crisis that old building methods were not going to carry us into the 21st century. So, we invented the Super-Wal double strut system providing a true super insulated dome system.

We learned how to manufacture a 15”, 18” or 21” wide strut for the same price as our 2×10 strut. We learned how to produce and sell them for less money than our competitors 2×6 dome system.

Why do you need such a thick strut? To add more insulation and provide for wall cavity air ventilation (in certain climate zones).

Is there a maximum ‘R’’ value or a point of diminishing returns? If anyone can predict what the world energy picture will be like 10, 25 or 50 years from now, we’ll tell you exactly what the payback is. Just think back 30 years ago. Now, don’t you want something more than a 2×6 dome?

When you buy a dome shell system from us, your Super-Wal struts come pre-assembled with sleeves attached ready to erect. You don’t have to be up on scaffolding putting in nuts and bolts on your struts.

Watch the short video to see a 40′ diam. low profile dome framework being erected in 4 hours.

Our Super-Wal double strut system is not a new experimental system. We’ve been building it for years. It’s practical and economical to build. Best of all, it will save you thousands of dollars in your future fuel bills, providing you comfort of mind and body.

Exterior Panels

A Natural Spaces dome uses 3/4” exterior grade plywood for the exterior triangular sheathing panels. 3/4” plywood allows us to ”freespan”” each triangle without requiring expensive and time-consuming bracing between the struts.

This is how we get a full triangle out of each sheet of plywood.

When the two pieces of the triangle panel come together, there is a tongue and groove edge along the joint line. This creates a very stiff joint that does not require additional bracing behind it.

We then use the rest of the plywood sheet to make our gusset plates for our super-wal strut, thereby almost completely eliminating any scrap. Our system is very resource efficient.

Riser Walls

Our basic dome shell package includes riser walls. Risers determine extension arch height, second floor height and main floor window height. We will work out the correct height in conjunction with your particular plan.

We don’t like to waste material. Our riser wall (shown below) incorporates the first horizontal row of struts as its top plate. On a 40′ diameter dome, this saves you 240 lineal feet of lumber. Our plywood sheathing runs down the face of the rim joist, structurally tying the dome to the floor and foundation.

Our super-strong 3″ x 10″ corner riser “strut” has a sleeve structurally attaching it to the dome.
Our Super-Wal system uses the strut thickness as the riser wall thickness. Here again, we use inexpensive 2×4 studs on the outside and inside to save money. You then have a double wall riser (right), super-insulated for energy efficiency.

The height of the riser will also determine the height of the extension. A 36’’high profile dome has 6’-8” between horizontal strut rows which is too low to fit a standard door with framing. So, you need a riser wall.

You want to also line up the second floor framing so that it ties into the second horizontal strut band and this requires a riser (height depends on dome).

Another use of the riser wall is for the insertion of conventional type awning or casement windows to provide ventilation. Most windows would require a riser height of 26” to 28””as they are about 24” high.

We like to use the triangle windows for view windows because they don’t have any screens. Screens even when new, restrict up to 25% of your view. By placing a window with screen in the riser, you are able to draw in fresh, cool air at the floor.

If you’re planning to build a dome on an 8’ riser wall, it just won’t look right; besides, we think you want a dome home not a dome-capped round house.

Dome Shell and Framing Kit Prices

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Super-Wal Dome  Pre-cut Shell Kit      26′ – 51′ diam. domes
Super-Wal Dome  Pre-cut Shell Kit Large 56′ – 80′ diam. domes
Super-Wal Dome  Pre-cut Framing Kit 26′ – 51′ diam. domes
2 x 8 Dome Pre-cut Shell Kit 16′ – 51′ diam. domes