Dome Floor Plans

Natural Spaces Domes proudly offers the largest library of dome floor plans.

At Natural Spaces Domes, we have been designing, manufacturing, and building dome homes since 1971. Our planning services start by offering you a review of plans that were developed for individual clients. You will be reviewing their ideas and dreams. Our massive private library of over 1600 custom dome plans along with 48 years of in-house dome design experience will help create a dome home that is truly yours. We hope you will peruse these plans gleaning new ideas from them. We want to attempt to raise your dome consciousness by exposing you to a wide variety of unusual plans.

Custom Planning:

Plans are a very adaptable product – all you have to do to change something is erase a line and draw a new one. Most of our customers have us create a custom dome plan. When designing your dome we base the plans on your family and your family’s lifestyle. We look at your site and study the views, contours, water drainage, sun angles, prevailing winds, and other layout considerations.

Viewing our on-line dome plans below:

Viewing existing plans can save you time and money. They can always be customized for your site or to incorporate your special ideas. Any re-work of an existing standard plan would be billed on an hourly basis, saving you thousands of dollars instead of starting from scratch. Looking for that perfect plan? It usually doesn’t exist – until it is created just for you!

The square footage area shown on the plans is based on the main and upper floor only, measured to the outside of the exterior wall. Typically, realtors use this “above ground” method to calculate house area.  Even if the basement is finished or has a walkout, the lower floor is often not counted. Not all of the plans in our files have basements or lower levels.

To view large PDF’s of the plans, click on the PDF file.  You will be able to download the enlarged PDF’s. We currently have over 225 plans in our plan file.

View dome plans by clicking on a dome diameter size:



The dome floor plans in our older Domes Come True Plan Books # 1, 2, & 3
have been incorporated in the plans shown above.

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