Dome Raisings

The Lowdown on Raising Up a Dome!

If you want to save money and time
plan a Dome Raising when you are ready!

Would you like to host a dome raising for your dome? Here’s how

You’ve heard of barn raisings! Well, a dome raising is very similar. You can even have a “dome dance” after all is completed.

  1. Schedule your dome delivery with Natural Spaces Domes.
  2. Pick a date for your dome raising. Depending on the size of your dome, you may
    need one or two days.
  3. Determine how much you want done. Just the shell of the dome or exterior
    panels as well.
  4. Invite your friends and relatives to help.
  5. If you want, ask Natural Spaces Domes to place your Dome Raising date
    and location on our web site list
    . Dome lovers will often go miles to participate
    in a Dome Raising.
  6. Plan on providing picnic meals, beverages, and other treats.
  7. If you want extra support with your dome raising email Natural Spaces Domes
    to learn how you can have virtual zoom support and how much it costs.

If you would like to help raise a new dome owners dome,
here’s how!

  1. Sign up on our Dome Raising List to let us know if you would like to help raise a
    dome in your neck of the woods.
  2. This page will list the city and state where the dome is to be raised and the owners
    would like additional support. If you find one you want to assist, please email
    Natural Spaces Domes
    to request their contact details.