Dr. Dome

Do you have a “sick” dome? Leaky roof, condensation problems, rotting wood, leaky skylights, the dreaded sagging exterior panels, unhealthy indoor air quality, moldy walls?

Dr. Dome™ can provide answers if you have questions regarding dome renovations, repairs or remodeling.

A Natural Spaces Dome, properly built, will not have any of these problems. However, not all domes are Natural Spaces Domes nor are all domes properly built.

Dr. Dome™ and the staff at Natural Spaces Domes have the knowledge and expertise to solve your dome problems. Their answers are based on a combined 100 years of dome building experience.

Let’s look at a few dome problems:

When you click on any one of the following listed items, you will see a picture relating to the heading along with some notes about the problem.

If you have a similar problem to those shown and want a remedy from Dr. Dome, you will have to send or email photos or video of your exact situation. Two seemingly identical problems may be caused by different situations. Over 47 years of dome building by those of us at Natural Spaces Domes, gives us a certain amount of experience and, we hope, enlightenment.

Click here to see a step-by-step replacement of 3 leaky skylight windows

1. Leaky Skylights

2. Chimney to roof leaks

3. Extension roof at dome shell leaks

4. Bad shingles

5. Wall to roof connection leaks

6. Riser walls leaning out

7. Deteriorated riser windows

8. Deteriorated basement or ground level windows

9. Siding deterioration at ground level

10. Siding deterioration under the deck

11. Sheetrock turning black

12. Sheetrock chunks falling off

13. Leaky roof tiles

Check out this site: Buildingscience.com

Repairing and renovating an existing dome requires you to have a lot of current information on updated building techniques.

The booklet “Energy Information Center” is published by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.  It forms a primer on new building systems.  It has the most up to date, state of the art, accurate building information anywhere!

The following chapters may be downloaded below or download the entire booklet by clicking here.

1. Home Insulation

2. Home Moisture
—–Indoor & Outdoor causes of moisture —–drainage problems & how to fix them
—–Symptoms of wood decay
—–Ventilation& Dehumidification

3. New Homes
—–The thermal envelope: Foundation, walls, ceilings, windows & doors
—–Heating, air conditioning & water heating

4. Combustion Air
—–What causes dangerous combustion air problems
—–How to test
—–Outside combustion air for furnaces, fireplaces & wood stoves

5. Home Heating
—– High-efficiency furnaces
—–Electric Heating Systems
—–Furnace Safety

6. Attic Bypasses
—–How to locate air leaks
—–Common air leaks & how to fix them

7. How to build a dry foundation

8. Energy Saving with Landscapes
—–Save energy with trees