VELUX, the world leader in skylights and roof windows for over 60 years, puts to excellent use our most abundant natural resource – light from above – by developing, manufacturing and marketing environmentally friendly products that provide and control daylight and fresh air in buildings, and products that heat water with solar energy.

High quality, energy efficient skylights are an important part of building today’s green-friendly homes and buildings. The effect that natural light has on you physically, emotionally and psychologically is well documented. The benefits of natural light can have a profound impact on you personally, while the stewardship of VELUX will positively affect our environment for future generations.

That is why we are proud to be the nation’s leading manufacturer of quality skylights. Using the most modern technologies to make our products energy efficient is a top priority. To reap the green benefits associated with top lighting, it is essential to minimize the heat gain associated with UV penetration, while preserving the conditioned air inside your home. To accomplish these goals, we incorporate argon gas between the insulated panes of all our glass products and use new types of low emissivity coatings (LoE #366) to make our products some of the most energy efficient in the industry. For more information, visit the Energy Efficiency section of our site…

According to the website, “a green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier for the people living inside.” Talk to Natural Spaces Domes about including healthy, energy-saving skylights, roof windows and solar water heating in your home.

VELUX™ Rectangular Skylights

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Deck Mounted With Frame


Solar powered venting
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Egress skylight


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Electric venting skylight
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Roof access skylight
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Deck-Mounted skylight


Center pivoting


Balcony roof windows

Sun Tunnels


VELUX™ Control Systems


Product Catalog

A redesigned product line from Velux includes an industry-first
“no leak” installation warranty.

Velux America rolled out a redesigned skylight product line at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas in January 2010.Major upgrades include advanced energy-efficient glass and added protection against water penetration. A no-leak product warranty is included, as is an industry-first installation warranty for deck- mounted skylights. The product carries the new 10-year installation warranty plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on skylights, and five years on blinds and controls. Features include a third layer of water protection; advanced LoE3 #366 glass for better energy efficiency, higher visible light transmittance, and improved solar heat gain performance; pre-painted frames and sashes to eliminate the need for secondary high-cost trips by a painter; pre-mounted brackets for quick installation of sunscreen blinds, lower roof profile with an updated curved architectural design; and a neutral gray color, preferred by consumers and builders, to blend with most roof materials and colors.

Environmental Efficiency

Next generation skylight will meet or exceed
projected 2013 requirements.
Energy performance glazing with twelve layer
patented coating.
LoE3-366 glass reduces window heat gain by
64% compared to ordinary glass,
and 35% compared with LoE2.
Lower profile product.
Deck seal is flush and tight to the roof for
pressure stabilization.
Triple layer of insulation.
Better condensation protection.

Environmental Responsibility

Throughout the years, VELUX has been highly
committed to reducing the environmental impact
of the manufacture, use and disposal of our products,
and to maintaining high standards of health and safety
for our employees.

VELUX develops, manufactures and markets products
that provide and control daylight and fresh air in homes.

Our activities involve the procurement and processing
of natural resources. This places upon us a direct
obligation towards the environment.

While upholding our tradition of quality and craftsmanship,
built over more than sixty years, and conducting our
business in a profitable manner, we will continually
assess and develop our environmental efforts.

The VELUX Promise:

Design our products so that their environmental impact
during manufacture, use and disposal is diminished.
Use raw materials, water and energy efficiently in order
to diminish our effect on the environment.
Reduce emissions, waste and discharges from our
activities. Maintain high-standards of safety at work
for our employees and encourage sound attitudes
toward the environment in our field of activities.
Cooperate with our suppliers, customers and other
business partners to achieve higher environmental
standards. Remain alert to new opportunities
enhancing the environmental soundness of our
products and manufacturing methods beyond what
is generally expected.

The Complete System
VELUX™ offers a complete system for bringing daylight into virtually every space in your home. Take advantage of our
60+ years of experience and the solutions we offer for controlling natural light and fresh air.

Exterior heat control – Best protection against heat gain.
Weather tight flashings – Leak proof flashings are a must for every skylight.
Skylights and roof windows – VELUX™ offers a range of skylights and roof windows with features for any need.
Blinds and shades – Provide varying degrees of interior light control while saving you money on your energy bill.
Convenient controls – Handles, rods and electronic control systems provide easy operation of skylights and blinds.
Check out Natural Spaces Domes discount prices on all VELUX™ products. Direct delivery to your doorstep.

Natural Spaces Domes custom VELUX installation

Natural Spaces Domes offers custom designs and installations of VELUX skylights in non-dome and dome structures.

We have over 35 years experience dealing with all types of VELUX installations along with repair or renovation of existing units. We are a licensed Minnesota contractor.

Let us solve your daylighting problems with VELUX skylights and roof windows.