Mother Nature Vs. Natural Spaces Domes

We at Natural Spaces Domes have engineered our dome systems using structural engineers since 1973. Our engineers have certified our plans in all 50 states and a few foreign countries.

Our dome system is structurally certified to meet the snow loads of Buffalo, New York and the Rocky Mountains, the hurricane winds along the coastal regions in the Gulf and New Orleans, the earthquake country of Malibu, California, and Seattle, Washington and the tornado areas along the great plains.

For more than 32 years, we have used Paul Durand P.E. / S.E., a structural engineer licensed (with affiliate engineers) in all 50 states providing concise, accurate, site-specific engineering. Prior to Paul, we used John Hanley P.E. as our structural engineer. John, along with ESI Engineering, utilized some of the first computer structural engineering to analyze our dome system in the early-1970’s.

No other dome company has the engineering track record of Natural Spaces Domes. Our dome parts have been structurally tested by independant, third party testing agencies. Our dome homes have been rated to be extremely energy efficient by independant, third party energy rating agencies. (Energy Star 5+, H.E.R.S. scores of 41-55)

For over 47 years, our domes have resoundingly survived whatever Mother Nature produced. Read about some first-hand storm stories below.

 Hurricane Katrina 2005 – Pecan Island, LA.

 Hurricane Fran and Bertha 1996 – Topsail Island, NC

  Tornado in Wisconsin

 Tree Falling on Dome – Maryland

 Lightning Strikes Dome – Maryland

 Lightning Strikes Dome – Iowa

We also can provide designs and materials to protect our domes in fire-prone areas