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Made in Minnesota – for the rest of the world.

Marvin makes all of it’s 11,000 standard windows and doors after it gets your order – and they do it very quickly. One of the main reasons Marvin starts from scratch with every new window and door order is that no two of our customers are starting in the same place. Some have a blank canvas, building from a blueprint and a vision. Others are improving existing domes, adding or remodeling. So we make sure we have the flexibility to build heat-shielding windows for the Arizona desert as well as triple-glazed argon gas filled Casemasters to face northern Minnesota blizzards. Either way, they guarantee all their work with a comprehensive 10-year warranty (20 years on the glass seal), in the unlikely event you experience a problem.

Choose from 19 clad colors: 5 standard and 14 select- all at the same price. The interior exposed wood is available in clear pine (standard) and 5 optional premium woods: vertical grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Cherry, White Oak and White Primed Pine.

Marvin Offers a broad array of specialty glass options: tempered glass, bronze tint, gray tint, green tint, obscure glass, insulated double pane glass, double pane with Low “E” 2 #272 and Low “E” 3 #366 coatings (with or without argon gas), and triple pane with two layers of Low “E” 2 coatings and both air spaces filled with argon gas.

For the maximum energy-efficiency, Marvin casement windows also come with a High R Tri-pane glazing option: three sheets of glass, two Low “E” coating layers plus two air spaces filled with argon gas. Sound like we’re overdoing it? If you’re ever next to one when it’s 30° below zero or 95° F above outside, you’ll feel for yourself, we are not.

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Integrity from Marvin takes the values that made Marvin a leader and applies them to a line of popular styles. With an exterior of Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass material that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, vinyl clad and roll-form aluminum, Integrity Windows and Doors are built to perform under pressure and over time.

And with an interior of carefully selected and handcrafted wood, the Integrity Wood-Ultrex Series is as beautiful as they are functional. Of course, they’re easy-to-order, easy-to-install, delivered on time and energy efficient. In short, an exceptional value that is built to perform.

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