Natural Spaces Domes Introductory Information

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For the health and future of the Earth, we have eliminated the almost 100 pages of information that we used to mail out to any new customer. All of this information has been placed on our web site. However, we have added a huge amount of additional information, hundreds of additional photos (all of them in color), and exact, current prices on everything we offer.

As you read this, you are probably on a computer linked to the internet. You can access our entire web site. We do, however, understand the issue of those without personal high speed internet, paying for printed downloaded pages on a public computer or wanting to send information to someone else.

We have created a “VCD” (Video compact disc) that has the contents of our entire Dome Store section of our web site along with our 50 minute video tour of 8 domes. This is our free package. The video portion is designed to play on your computer. It will also play on many DVD players. However, it doesn’t work on every DVD player. For these instances, you will have to order our video Tour of Domes on a DVD disc at a cost.

We have scanned our entire 52 page “All About Domes” booklet that was part of our information handouts for 20 years. Most of the information has been utilized somewhere on our web site. Most of the information is still relevant. The photos are all in black and white. We have heard that many customers still enjoy reading this book online and we provide a link below.

Free information CD with video Tour of Domes-VCD

This CD includes electronic versions
of the Dome Store pages along with a
video CD version (VCD) of our Tour of Domes
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Tour of Domes video on DVD disc-Tour of Domes

This will take you to the tour video
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Tour of Domes video instant viewing-

To view the entire 50 minute video
 you can watch it streaming on your computer.               Click Here to View

All About Domes and the Price List
All About Domes


This 52 page booklet explains all the systems
and materials used to build a Natural Spaces Dome.
This booklet was last printed in 2005. We will not be
updating the information. Black and white photos.
Our extensive web site along with the Dome Store
has replaced this booklet.

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