Aluminum Trim

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Aluminum Trim and Flashing

Most of our flashing is aluminum with either an enamel color coating, a PVC color coating with a raised “wood grain” texture, or “Extex”, a peach fuzz texture matte finish with the best fade resistance.  These are available in a wide variety of colors to match your roof or trim color. We strongly oppose the use of caulks and liquid sealants for the process of sealing joints in your roof, fascias or soffit areas. All caulks and sealants have a certain lifespan. Some are not compatible with asphalt products or even cedar lumber. We try to rely on metal flashings for sealing or covering the critical areas in the structure that need weatherproofing or waterproofing.

Some of the items listed below are included in our complete dome shell kits. For those of you buying just the Super-Lok connection hardware, the items below can be purchased separately. We also have a wide variety of custom flashings for those special areas only on a dome.