Roof Package

Attic Cupola Roof Package – $4,185

The attic cupola’s main function is to provide natural ventilation of the air inside the dome. There should be a minimum of 3 operable windows in 3 different walls. Awning windows (hinged at the top) will not work (limited ventilation area when open). Use casement windows (hinged at the side) or sliding windows.

The attic cupola roof package consists of pre-cut structural framing members including Super-Wal roof struts, roof braces, corner supports, soffit blocking, and the perimeter sub-fascia. Pre-cut 3/4” plywood sheathing is provided for the roof. Includes Super-Lok sleeve and hub connection with bolts and nuts for the five dome corners and Ultra-Lok sleeves for the top center of the roof. Includes Flash vent package for the ventilation of the dome shell when you are using fiberglass insulation or other permeable types and your climate zone requires venting between the insulation and the exterior triangle panels (or flashing package if doing “hot roof”).

The standard attic cupola roof is 15” thick while the wall framing is set up for 12” thick wall (windows, window framing, wall studs, wall framing are not included in the attic cupola package but the exterior 3/4″ plywood wall sheathing is). 3/4” Plywood roof sheathing, Grace Ice & Water Shield High-Temperature membrane waterproofing, special truss lock coated lag screws (3 3/8″ and 6″) are included along with metal hurricane tie down clips for the roof framing, and nails.