Healthy Dome Living

Going greener with greenery
Lessening our personal impact on Mother Earth is one of our company’s goals. To reduce our “carbon footprint”, we grow trees. Trees absorb carbon as they grow. Reducing carbon reduces the global greenhouse gas buildup.

We started with a 50 acre tree farm planted in the mid 1960’s. The trees are now 50′ to 60′ high. The vast majority of our trees are pine trees. As these trees grew in height, the lower branches died. This allowed sunlight onto the ground, which allowed new trees to grow.

We now have thousands of new trees. However, they need to be thinned out as they grow. We’re doing our best. We used 25 potted Balsam Pines (each 12″ high) as table centerpieces at our wedding and then had our guests take them home to plant.


We have started a program where by we will send 10-15 trees, each 12″ to 48″ tall, with each complete dome

shell we ship. If the dome is going to an area where the trees are not “compatible”, we will thin them out so they can grow here and give them away to be planted in our local area.

We also are using mature pines and fallen oak and ash from our property for interior lumber in our building projects. We bring logs to our local sawmill and air dry most of it in our covered storage areas. We then offer it for sale. We currently have slabs of 2 1/2 year old red and white oak along with 30+ slabs of ash ready for sale.

We’ve been practicing green before it was “green”. In the 1970’s, we sold wind generators, solar panels, solar cookers, composting toilets, along with super energy efficient dome homes. We’re happy to see the world is finally waking up.


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When you buy a Natural Spaces dome home, you automatically receive a home building system that has been designed to enhance and improve the health of you, your family and your environment.
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