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Check out a few of the links below and then let’s get started. If you are just beginning to think about dome building or just want a little more info check out our Dome Talk Zoom Room below.

Owner, Architectural Designer, and Contractor                   Project Manager

After decades of designing and fabricating
domes Dennis Odin Johnson has the answers.
He knows what works and doesn't work. He
has designed over a thousand domes all over
the world and helped to support their
construction. He designed and patented
the best dome connection system available. 
He is an administrator, contractor, builder,
designer, and a great communicator. You'll
want to talk with him. He's the Dome Guru.
Derek Miller has joined the NSD team and
handles a wide variety of responsibilities. He
collaborates with Dennis on project management
and client contact. He works in the shops to
refine building techniques and support the shop
employees. He has spent a lot of time on site jobs.
He has become our video guy, filming and
designing the educational videos for virtual classes.
His knowledge in dome construction and managing
businesses make him a valuable asset to NSD.

50 Years of designing, manufacturing, and building domes around the world.

We can help you create your Natural Spaces Dome!

How consultations work and how to schedule.

 Should I build a Natural Spaces dome?

 Are domes the environmental choice?

How much does a dome cost?

      ★ Check out our dome kits here.

Preliminary steps to designing and building                a Natural Spaces domes.

 Virtual Dome Raising Support.

         Dome Talk
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Have lots of questions about Natural Spaces Domes or just want to talk about them and hear about what others are planning? Join our Dome Talk Zoom Room.