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Shattering the Myths About Domes

Old stories, myths, and unproven statements are still floating around on the internet. Here are some rebuttals and statements by Natural Spaces Domes based on our real time experiences of designing, manufacturing, and building intelligently designed domes since 1971. Click here to view

Can you explain just what you mean by “high-profile”, “mid-profile” and “low-profile” when referring to domes?

Profile refers to the side view shape of the dome shell:
High Profile: The dome shell is quite tall – we have “sliced” the dome sphere below the equator line, leaving a tall or high dome.
Mid Profile: The dome shell is average height – we have “sliced” the dome sphere at the equator line, or mid-point, leaving a half dome.
Low Profile: The dome shell is of a lower height – we have “sliced” the dome sphere above the equator line, leaving a lower or shorter portion of the dome shell.

How much does a dome cost?

Our domes can be contractor built for $85 to $100 per square foot. This would be a complete, ready to move into dome home. If you are an owner building a Natural Spaces Dome, the completed cost would be $50 to $75 per square foot.

Our domes generally cost 5% to 15% less than a comparable custom built home.

How much does it cost to heat a Natural Spaces Dome home?

Click here for real time heating costs from some of our domes.

Can domes be built anywhere?

There are no zoning codes that restrict Natural Spaces domes, and our domes exceed all energy codes. You may be restricted on height as some codes have a maximum height of 30′ to 35′. Most of our domes are less than 30′ high but the code height is measured from the average grade line.

It’s only when you have a developer who is a builder, and they want you to build their house, they then put restrictions on their lots – “no log homes, no earth homes, no domes, no imagination”.

Click here for a complete list of which countries you can build a dome in.

How do you shingle a dome?

We use high grade 35-50 year warranted shingles. Each Triangle is shingled separately. The point down triangle bottom edges overlap the point up triangles by 6″. We do not use any ridge cap shingles. We do not use any caulks or sealants which usually fail in 3-5 years. We use ice & water shield membranes at the top of the dome, in valleys and around skylights. We have hundreds of domes and they DO NOT leak, period.

Do dome roofs cost more to shingle?

Yes, because your labor cost is higher. You have to move ladders and scaffolding more often when shingling. You are constantly hauling shingles up ladders. However, it is cheaper to shingle than to apply siding and trim. Since the dome has so much roof area, the total cost to “cover” the exterior shell is comparable to a similar sized conventional home when counting the shingles and siding together.

And, the shingles on a dome will require NO maintenance or upkeep for their 35 to 50 year life.

Does it cost more to heat a dome with all those high ceilings?

No. A Natural Spaces Ultra-Super-Insulated dome actually costs 1/3 to 1/4 of the energy cost for a conventional home.

The open, high ceilings allow for air to be re-circulated easily either by a return air duct up high or by ceiling fans.

We offer 15″, 18″ or 21″ thick walls and triple pane windows allowing for R-values from 44 to 66 for the wall & roof. Our domes are very comfortable with no drafts at -30° to -40°.

Dome Talk Video Questions

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