Aluminum Shakes by Reinke

Fischer, Texas – Rust Red

A lightweight ribbed aluminum shake shingle,10″x12″ per piece. They will not rot, burn, warp, curl, crack, or split – and no rust. These aluminum shakes reflect heat, providing a cooler roof, especially with our ventilated roof system. Reinke Shakes’ big selling points: 50 year limited warranty (they are called “The 100 year roof”), extremely high wind resistance, very rigid against hail damage and snow slides off.

Hermosa, Florida – Bone White

Cambridge, Minnesota – Roman Gold

Afton, Minnesota – Battalion Grey

Ridgefield, Connecticut – Real Copper

Malibu, California – Roman Gold

North Branch, Minnesota – Battalion Grey


Harrodsburg, KY – Roman Gold – Installation

Detail Shots – Roman Gold

Lubbock, Texas – Battalion Grey

Reinke Shake Costs

(roofing square = 10′ x 10′ = 100 square feet or 3.048 M x 3.048 M = 9.29 square meter) (Updated April 2024)

Multi-Color Shingles$520 Per Square
One Color LT Aluminum Shakes
(baked on finish)
See colors below
$430 per square
(100 sq ft/9.29 sq meter)
Natural aluminum shakes
(silver – no color applied)
$350 per square
(100 sq ft/9.29 sq meter)
1 1/2″ (38mm) ringshank colored to match the shake color. Double dipped and coated. Coil nails.
Free if you buy your Reinke Shakes from Natural Spaces Domes
($26 per square value)
Drip Edge:
Colored aluminum
1.25″ x 2.5″ x 8′
$12.00 per 8′ piece (2.44 meter)
Snow Guards:
Aluminum 3.5″ wide
$6.00 each
Wall Flashings:
1.25″ x 2.5″
$12.00 per 8′ piece (2.44 meter)
Valley Flashing:
Colored aluminum
12.7″ (323mm) wide (Roles up to 50′)
$4.00 per lineal foot
Real Copper Reinke LT shakes:
(12 ounce)
$1100 per square
Nails (for copper):
Bronze 1 1/2″
(38mm) ringshank
$50 per square
Shipping Costs:
If shakes are shipped to Natural Spaces Domes and loaded into the truck with your dome shipment, add 13% shipping (From Nebraska to Minnesota)
If shipped from Nebraska to your site: Nebraska & Kansas is 10% of SUBTOTAL; bordering states 13% of SUBTOTAL; AK, HI, Canada – Call for pricing; All other US states 16% of SUBTOTAL

Available Colors

(Not shown is the silver natural aluminum)

Click image to enlarge and see detail