Dome Construction Manual


Over 400 pages and 500 photos to show you in complete detail how to cut, fabricate, and erect your own Natural Spaces Dome. Includes a DVD on dome construction. CD-Rom (pdf) version included with the paper version in 3-ring binder.

This $250 is refunded with your future purchase of our dome components.

Shipping costs in the U.S. are $20.  In Canada, it is $50.  Check with us for other countries.

When you purchase dome components from us, you will get an additional 3 ring binder supplement with many more articles relating to building techniques along with 18″ x 24″ detail sheets pertaining to our building methods and components. 

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If you’re going to put up your dome, you need help and lots of it.
After all, when was the last time you put one up?

That is why Natural Spaces decided to put 45+ years of dome building experience into a construction manual. We didn’t want you to be alone.

This is not your ordinary $5 booklet that shows you how the dome shell goes up. We’re talking heavy-duty construction manual – currently 400 pages with 500 photos and a DVD video covering the building of a Natural Spaces Dome. We also include several standard building booklets covering such things as plumbing, electrical, ventilation and lumber building basics.

Natural Spaces Domes has added an hour-long video showing our Beach Dome being built – risers, framework, panels, view cupola skyloft, extensions, wall framing, upper floor framing, skylight installation, and other items. Our goal is to show building sequences clearly with lots of pictures and details.

Our Natural Spaces designed our construction manual for the novice owner-builder. There are sections on cutting out your own dome kit: how to make risers, super-wal struts, the exterior and interior triangle panels, vent cupola, view cupola/skyloft and extension arches.

As new products come out or as our customers report their use of a new product or procedure, we update our construction manual. We also include related product literature, trying to feature items that are environmentally sane and safe.

If you have questions while you’re building, you’ll have our phone number. We’ll be around – we expect to be building domes for a long, long time.

You get our construction manual when you purchase a dome. You can also get it before you get your dome. The construction manual is our way of standing by your side in your hours of need.

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