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Welcome to our online Learning Center!

For nearly 50 years we’ve been helping homeowners build permanent, livable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient domes. Our experience and structural techniques make us the premier choice for building a high-quality Dome.

Building any type of house is a complex endeavor. We are transparent about what techniques and materials we use (and recommend), and as such we strive to put as much information online as we can to assist you in the process of building your dream home. Additionally, we try to include pricing estimates in each section that involves materials you can get through us, to have included in your kit.

#1 The Super-Lok™ Dome Building System
#2 Our Pre-Fabricated and Ready-to-Assemble construction kits
#3 How much does it cost to build a Dome?
#4 Ordering a Natural Spaces Dome
#5 Extensions
#6 Foundation Systems
#7 Insulation Systems
#8 HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing
#9 Windows, Skylights, Doors
#10 Cupolas and Skylofts
#11 Roofing
#12 Interior Triangle Panels
#13 Architectural Planning

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