Bear Creek Dome Featured

on “Worlds Greenest Homes”

Bear Creek Dome was selected to be on Planet Green’s “World’s Greenest Homes” because it represents a culmination of 35 years of building environmentally sane, energy efficient dome homes. A repeat of the Bear Creek Dome episode occurs occasionally.

They did a very positive segment on our Natural Spaces dome, showing and talking about many of our great features. Using high definition, wide angle cameras, our Bear Creek Dome looks fantastic! Don’t miss this dome segment.

The Bear Creek Dome episode on “World’s Greenest Homes” will be in replay in the future on Plant Green. We will post new dates and times here when available. The regular times for the show are:

  • Friday 5-6 PM Central Time
  • Saturday 1-2 AM Central Time
  • Saturday 9-10 AM Central Time

Click here to check for local listings in your area if you have cable service.