Large Domes and Special Projects


Moving a 40′ low profile dome over 30 miles by truck!




Lifting a 33′ diameter, low profile dome, adding 9′ high risers, increasing the upper floor and lakeside view dramatically.





74′ diam mid profile
Salt Storage Dome
in Baltimore, Maryland


49′ diam mid profile &
46′ diam mid profile
Water Foundation Research
Center in Brainerd, Minnesota



40′ diam low profile
Sports Dome Restaurant
in Durham, North Carolina



30′ diam high profile
The South Pole Explore Antarctica Exhibit in the 8th floor atrium at Dayton’s, Minneapolis in 1989



30′ diam low profile double domes for the Mir 1 America Russian/NASA Space Exhibit in the Mall of America Event Center, Bloomington, Minnesota, 1995



54′ diam mid profile
Greenland Ice Sheet Dome Project
on the Greenland Summit, 1990



46′ diam mid profile &
40′ diam low profile
Dome Pottery Studio & Store
in Grove City, Pennsylvania


60′ diam mid profile
Meteor City Trading Post
in Winslow, Arizona



74′ diam mid profile double domes
Assembly of God Church
in Greencastle, Indiana

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