Our People

At Natural Spaces Domes, we are proud of our other employees, their commitment, and their expertise:

Tessa Hill, Dennis’ wife, brings her organizational skills as head of Kids For Saving Earth, and board member of Healthy Child Healthy World. She was also an active board member of Beyond Pesticides for 12 years and served on the President’s Advisory Board for Children’s Health. Keeping Natural Spaces Domes focused on what really matters – the next 7 generations and the health of spaceship Earth.

Nancy is the Dome Expert with over 15 years of dedication; she is usually explaining the “ins and outs” of domes to new customers calling along with her many other office manager duties.

Dick has 25 years of experience in manufacturing and constructing domes. He is our skylight production specialist! His attention to detail and knowledge of dome construction helps solve issues quickly in the shop and on the dome sites.

Laurie is most likely the first voice you hear calling Natural Spaces Domes. She will answer your questions or direct you to the proper part of the website for the answer. When you need to get an answer she doesn’t know, she will find the person that does – usually Dennis.

Michele has been working on our new format website, upgrading and enhancing the detailed dome information. We will continue to make our information easier to see, read, and understand.

We have several other valuable employees in the shop and office, all ready to help you build a better dome home!

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