Our People

At Natural Spaces Domes, we are proud of our other employees, their commitment, and their expertise:

Our office dome – One of 8 domes at our Natural Spaces headquarter’s facility.

Dennis – Co-Owner/Architectural DesignerDennis started designing houses in the sixth grade. After working as a project manager at a large architectural firm in Minneapolis and Los Angeles for 10 years, he formed The Big Outdoors People, designing, manufacturing and building dome structures. In 1978, he formed Natural Spaces Domes with his late wife, Janet.

After decades of designing, fabricating and building domes Dennis has the answers. He knows what works and doesn’t work. He has designed over 1200 domes throughout the world and helped to support their construction. He designed and patented the best dome connection system available. He is an administrator, contractor, builder, designer, and a great dome communicator. He’s the Dome Guru.

Tessa – Co-Owner/Managing Collaborator

Tessa has been a part of Natural Spaces Domes since 2001. She helps to guide the organizational aspects of the business and inspires new ideas to help the business evolve and improve. She supervises all special events.

Tessa, Dennis’ wife, brings her years of experience as head of Kids For Saving Earth, a board member of both Healthy Child-Healthy World and Beyond Pesticides as well as a member of the Federal Advisory Board on Children’s Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Derek – Project Manager

Derek Miller plays a major role in NSD since he joined in 2018. He handles a wide variety of responsibilities. He collaborates with Dennis on project management and client contact. He works in the shops to refine building techniques and support the shop employees. He has become our video guy, filming, and designing the educational videos for virtual classes. His knowledge in dome construction and managing businesses makes him an invaluable asset to NSD.

Lawrence – Accountant

Lawrence is our newest team member. He started working at Natural Spaces Domes in 2022. He handles all financial details including bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, and more. He can help you with wire transfers, credit card payments and answer questions on your NSD account. He handles all customer payments and is there to answer your financial questions regarding your NSD dome and other purchases.

Debbie – Office Receptionist/Secretary.

Debbie has been with Natural Space Domes since 2019. She is the first contact person you will speak to and help you through the process of buying a dome. She also handles daily tours, new customer inquiries, distribution of work authorizations, contracts, and other registrations.

Dick – Skylight Shop Supervisor and Master Carpenter

Dick has worked at Natural Spaces Domes since 1992. He specializes in custom detailed projects. He has installed hundreds of skylights and supervised the raising of hundreds of domes. He manages production of skylights, cupolas, exterior triangle panels, Minnedome units, custom prototypes, etc.

Darrell – Wood Shop Coordinator

Darrell has been with Natural Spaces Domes since 2007. He works as a shop coordinator for dome fabrication and manages production of riser walls, struts, interior panels, etc. He is also the shop cat facilitator.

Josh – Shop Assistant/Inventory Coordinator

Josh began working for Natural Spaces Domes in 2022. He is new to NSD but fills the important role of shop assistant and inventory coordinator for both shops. He has been assisting with all of our dome components. He is also scheduling truck deliveries.

Garth – Shop Assistant/Grounds Keeper

Garth is new to NSD, beginning work at Natural Spaces Domes in 2022. He is a shop assistant in both shops and does production of special dome components like our hub caps. He is also in charge of packaging dome connector kit orders. He coordinates NSD’s grounds care including landscaping, product storage and prep for shipping.

Aaron – Operations Assistant

Aaron joined the team early in 2023 after attending our Dome School the previous year, and leaving with an enthusiasm for making dome dreams come true. Bringing years of experience in information technology, project management, and hobbyist construction; he helps with everything from computer systems to dome fabrication and more.

Queenie – Pest Control

It’s a tough life for the shop cat. She’s consistently challenging herself on how many naps a cat can take in one day.