Bear Creek Dome

A Green and Healthy Dome


Bear Creek Dome is located in North Branch, MN on Bear Creek. The dome is 400′ north of our main office on the northern 10 acres of our 50 acre homestead. It is a model 1800 49′ diameter mid profile dome, 1/2 truncation, 4 frequency, 38″ high riser wall, 18″ thick Natural Spaces Domes Super-Wal strut system. It has 3 bedrooms, office, kitchen, dining room, living room, media area, laundry and 2 1/2 baths. It is 3,200 sq. ft  One upper bedroom has an additional loft.

Because we are serious conservationists, we want our newest dome to be a healthy home and be built in an Earth friendly manner. Tessa is President of Kids for Saving Earth, on the Board of Healthy Child, Healthy World and was on the board of Beyond Pesticides for 15 years.

Dennis’s deceased spouse, Senator Janet Johnson, died of a brain tumor. Tessa’s 11 year-old- son, founder of Kids for Saving Earth, died from a brain tumor and her husband died from prostate cancer. Because of this, we are both dedicated to educating people about the connection between man-made toxins in the environment to one’s health, as well as alerting people to the importance of sustainable living for our planet.

Bear Creek Dome also is a handicapped accessible design.

We have made efforts to create a structure that is environmentally friendly and healthy. At the beginning of each section look for the Kids for Saving Earth logo to learn about our efforts to build “green”. This is where we will explain some of the environmental choices we have made.

Insulation Heat Loss Testing

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Concrete Slab Insulation Test Results

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Exclusive: Installing probes checking for heat loss through the concrete slab insulation.










Dome Progress