NSD triple pane skylight windows reduce heat loss in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer. The use of triple pane skylights also eliminate cold air drafts by increasing the inside glass surface temperature. The upper skylights use tinted glass to control heat build up in summer and reduce glare. NSD skylights are installed with two layers of ice and water membrane. This eliminates water and air leakage around skylights–especially wind driven.

Thurs. — Finally, an opening to see the view! This is the kitchen sink view.

Fri. – We can put skylights in any triangle to make any type of grouping.

Tues. — The Natural Spaces Domes triangle skylights are mounted over a special membrane that extends into the interior. The vapor barrier can then be securely taped to this membrane.

Fri. — Erik’s happy because the final group of skylights are being installed. Of course, our “heat wave”
of 50° on Feb. 4 makes everyone happy.

Fri.– Natural Spaces Domes manufacturers its own line of dome skylights.
They are set on top of the exterior 3/4″ plywood and lag screwed thru the plywood
into the frame.

Thurs. — Installing the 2 AAB skylights for the upper floor bedroom.

Thurs. — The upstairs bedroom and the main floor bath. Additional exit windows will be installed in the riser wall in the main floor master bedroom.

Tues. — The top 3 skylights in the grouping of 5 are tinted to reduce the glare and heat
buildup. You can almost see how the view is sharper and clearer thru the tinted skylights.

Fri. — Shingles have arrived and the shingler is supposed to start Saturday.

Fri. — It’s the end of the day and we’re ready
for the shinglers.