Sustainable Super-Wal Strut System

Natural Spaces Domes invented the Super-Wal double strut system, providing a true super insulated dome system that is extremely energy efficient. Your Super-Wal struts come pre-assembled with sleeves attached ready to erect. NSD manufactures a fifteen, eighteen, or twenty-one inch wide strut. Our Bear Creek Dome is eighteen inches wide.

The wooden struts used in Natural Spaces Domes are select structural southern yellow pine grown in sustainable forests. Also, Domes are resource efficient because substantially less wood is used to build them than in the same size conventional home.

Sustainably Harvested Wood Products:

In some cases, wood may be the most applicable building product available for certain uses: many types of wood are structurally sound, durable, and beautiful. Additionally, wood can be renewable. However, irresponsible forestry practices such as clear cutting and herbicide use have the potential to undermine ecosystems. To ensure that the wood that is purchased has a minimum impact on the environment, it is important to specify the use of certified, sustainably harvested wood products, for the environment and the future. The Forest Stewardship Council certifies wood through a chain of custody, third party certification process that ensures that the wood you receive was grown sustainably.