Radiant Floor

INFLOOR RADIANT HEATING ADVANTAGES (environmental and otherwise)

  • Conventional systems allow heat to collect where it’s most likely to escape – at the ceiling and along outside walls.
  • With Infloor, the temperature throughout the room remains nearly constant. This factor alone reduces heat loss by up to 25% when compared to similar homes using conventional heating methods.
  • Concentrates heat at the floor, where it warms people and objects.
    Its the kind of heat that warms in all the right places. Invisibly and comfortably.
  • Warms without drafts that cool rooms and aggrevate allergies.
  • Provides a quieter home.
  • Eliminates circulation of dust from room to room caused by conventional ducts.

Radiant Floor Tubing Layout Started

The 1/2″ Pex tubing is placed on top of the foam and held down with
plastic staples.

Bending the tubing is made easier by heating up the radius with a heat

The basic tubing layout for this project has the tubing spaced 12″ apart.
This is a “balanced” system with each different zone being approximately
300′ in tubing length.

The dome shape, footings, and unheated cabinet/closet spaces are all
factored into the overall plan.

Finished installing Pex tubing late morning.