Janet Barbara Johnson

03-05-40 to 08-21-99

Meet “Senator” Janet Johnson, better known as Senator JB Johnson, mom, sister, wife, grandma, aunt, and friend.Janet grew up in the Bronx New York; there she met a man named Sandy, moved to Minnesota, and had 2 wonderful daughters. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, and they separated. Well, fortunate for my life… you see, I’m Janet’s son, Erik, from her second marriage to my father, Dennis Odin Johnson, in 1975.

And this is my story of my mom’s life; well as best I know it.

It takes a lot out of me to write about my mother. I guess you could say that I’m still speechless about her tragic death.

Being an only younger child from both of my parents’ second marriages, the one thing that I was always afraid of was loosing one of them too young in my life, but I guess it might have prepared me for the loss in some way. Some people say that when you are so afraid of something bad happening you dwell on it constantly, infecting everything that you do throughout the day, and then you come to find that the worst has happened, and you start to wonder what to believe in anymore. I guess I may have lost a little faith on the way.

Maybe we’re all a little mad that this happened, maybe we’re all a little confused as to why this happened, and maybe we’re even a little scared to go on in life without her. But we have to look back and remember the great times that we shared with her, and the feeling we might get, just knowing that somewhere in all of us there is a little piece of Janet. Pushing us to the limit, as she did, and accomplishing our goals as successfully as she had hoped everyone could.

I would hope that making this web site would help all of us to look at the time we spent with her, and remember how great it was. Not how sad we are about her death, and thinking about Janet not being in our lives. Maybe we will learn a little something from Janet’s life, I know I have.

So I encourage you all to e-mail or write to me with your personal stories of my mother that you would like to have added to this site. Making this a wonderful site we can look back on about the beautiful memories in the life of Senator Janet B. Johnson.


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