The power line from the road to the transformer box, a distance of over 300′, was installed by boring horizontally at 4′ below grade and below all the tree roots.  By installing the electric line underground, especially in our heavily forested area, we did not have to cut any existing trees, nor do we have to be concerned about trees falling on the wires.  We also eliminated the use of toxic treated power poles

Fri. 10:00am — Digging thru the frost to bury the electric line from  the transformer to the meter on the dome. The line is being inserted in Schedule 80 plastic pipe.

Mon. — Wiring the meter hub.

Mon. — Wiring the 200 amp panel box and installing circuit breakers.

Tues. — To install the 8′ copper ground rod, we had to drill thru 12″ of frost.

Tues. — The electric line is being installed by going down 4′ to get below the frost line. They then
have to bore 350′ horizontally under the pine forest to the transformer pad.

Thurs. 3:15pm — Finally we can get rid of the 8000 watt generator at $15.00/day gas consumption. The power company came yesterday and connected us to the grid.