Building Bear Creek

Insulation Heat Loss Testing


Dome Raising

Dome Exterior Triangle Plywood Panels







Electricity – Underground Installation

Two Story Entry Extension – Roof and Walls

Installing Drip Edge and Soffit

Attic View Cupola







Roofing Underlayment

Base Vent Drip Edge Installation

Triangle Skylight Installation

Shingling the Dome






Insulating the Dome Shell and Cupola with Fiberglass

Scenic Views from the Dome

Installing Marvin Windows

Vapor Barrier Installation







Underslab Plumbing Installation

Foam Insulation Under Slab

Installing Radiant Floor Tubing

Pouring the Interior Concrete Slab






Concrete Staining

Interior Walls and Upper Floors

Adding Entry Porch Roof

Interior Plumbing






Interior Electrical

Instantaneous Hot Water System

Radiant Floor Heating System

Air to Air/Heat Recovery Ventilator






Water Filtration / Purification

Blower Door Test

Fireplace and Flue Installation

Air Conditioner (Mini-split system)






Speaker/Cat 5/Coax Wire

Sheet Rock Installation