VELUX Electric and Manual Controls

ZCT 300 Manual Telescopic Control Rod

For operating skylights, roof windows, and blinds. (See below for pre-2010 items)
Prices are NOT current prices, call or email us for current prices. 

Manual Controls

VELUX Manual Controls provide an economical option for controlling VELUX manual venting skylights, roof windows, and sunscreening accessories.

Control Rods

4′ – 10′ rod for operation of Manual Skylights (ZCT 300)
Models VS, VCM (shown at right)

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZCT 300
4′-10′ manual telescopic rod
$52 US: $7

3′ Extension for ZCT 300 ZMT 300 and ZXT 200 (ZCT 100)
Models VS and VCM

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZCT 100
3′ rod extention for ZMT 300 or ZCT 300
$18 US: $6

Control Rod for blinds

“7 hook” rod for new manual blinds (ZXT 200)
Models FS, FSR, FCM, QPF

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZXT 200
7′ rod for blinds
$41 US: $6

Crank handles, hooks (for new skylights)

For Velux VS skylights where you mount them within reach and want to open them by hand without the control rod.  Velux VS skylights come pre-packaged with their standard hook and they will not open the box to replace the hook prior to shipping.

VS Crank handle (ZZZ 201)
VCM Crank handle (ZZZ 212)

VS Replacement hook (ZZZ 202)
VCM Replacement hook (ZZZ 211)

Optional handles are available to operate manual venting Skylights in within-reach applications.
Available for manual venting skylights.

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZZZ 201
Crank handle
$11 US: $5
ZZZ 212
Crank handle
$30 US: $5
ZZZ 202
Replacement hook
$11 US: $5
ZZZ 211
Replacement hook
$11 US: $5


Angle adapter for chain operator
(ZZZ 203)

Extension for chain operator
(ZZZ 208)

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZZZ 203
Angle adapter
$39 US: $5
ZZZ 208
Chain externsion
$24 US: $5

Crank Handles / Hooks (for pre-2010 units)

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZZZ 179w (white)
Skylight replacement hook for pre-2010 units
$18 US: $5
ZZZ 169w (one white or one gray)
Crank handle for pre-2010 VS skylights
$21 US: $5

When purchasing replacement controls or accessories, please include the serial number of your VELUX Window. Over the past few years, VELUX has changed designs and we need the serial number of your window to ensure you receive the proper part.

ZZZ 179w Skylight replacement hook

ZZZ 169w Crank handle for VS skylights









Starter kit includes: Climate Sensor, Departure Switch, and Internet Gateway





Indoor climate control starter kit
$280 $30
Indoor climate sensor
$106 $10
Departure switch
$54 $10


Wall mounted keypad (KLI 310)

Simple operation of skylights and blinds.  RF technology allows the user to operate skylights and blinds from within 30ft of skylight.

Title/Description Price Shipping
KLI 310
Optional wall mounted keypad for KLR 100
$105 US: $10


Title/Description Price Shipping
KLF 200
Sensor interface to home automation systems
$239 US: $21
Battery backup for system (KLB 100 WW) $318 US: $33

Wildfire Screen

Title/Description Price Shipping
ZZZ 256 + size $25-60 US:$10-20

Be advised that all window accessories and controls are special order and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.