Velux Dome Framing Packages by NSD

Egress Window Custom Framing Package   –   Updated 5-1-24

Natural Spaces Domes utilizes the VELUX™ GPU-MK06 & GPU-MK08 as an egress skylight on 2nd-floor bedrooms. This is much cheaper than building a custom dormer that utilizes a conventional vertical egress window. In the 30’, 33’ and 36’ diameter domes (along with the 45’-51’ diameters), this large skylight is installed into two triangle panels, one on top of the other. Our special framing/flashing package makes this easy. We provide a plywood built-up “box” for mounting the top half of the GPU-MK06 & GPU-MK08. 2 custom cut 2×10 side framing braces and 10 metal framing clips. 8 custom flashing extensions along with 12 – 14 step flashing pieces are also included. This kit includes 50 sq. ft. of Grace Ice & Water-shield High-Temperature waterproofing membrane.
Complete Framing Package – $595

Velux Pent Framing/Sheathing Package

Exterior View
Interior View