Marvin Pre-Painted Interior Wood Option

Marvin Elevate windows and doors are now available with a clear coat, white, or black painted interior finish from the factory.

No more painting the interiors of windows and doors on or off the job site. No more taping the glass or other components hoping to get a “clean” paint edge. No more removing hardware and leaving windows open while paint dries. Marvin solves these issues with our painted interior finish option and eliminates the cost of having windows and doors painted after delivery.

For the white or black paint, we apply a coat of primer and a separate coat of semi-gloss paint to each individual part before the windows are assembled for an even, high-quality and consistent finish. The natural features of wood, including wood grain, will be present, radiating the warmth and character of real wood.

Marvin’s water-based enamel primer and paint has zero Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutants(VHAPs) and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).