Tree fall Maryland

Carolyn and Larry Jackson
Clinton, Maryland – June 2004

Carolyn and Larry Jackson had a storm go thru their area with very high straight line winds. The winds toppled a large tree, which fell on the 29′ diam. master bedroom/bath dome (they have a triple dome layout). The tree broke thru 3 triangle panels and 7 struts.

The tree trimmer and insurance adjuster both commented that if this was a standard house, it would have suffered major damage.

Larry called Natural Spaces Domes and mentioned he didn’t want to have to deal with any of this as insurance would cover it all. We proceeded to manufacture the 7 struts and 3 triangles and ship them out. Within a few days he had the parts. The repair crew removed the damaged components, closed up the “hole” with the new parts and applied new shingles.

We have had 2 other domes hit with falling trees, neither suffered any major damage, just shingle repair. The dome can take a licking and keep on ticking.