Katrina 2005

Deb and Joel Veazey
Hurricane Katrina – 2005

In 1998, Deb and Joel built a Natural Spaces Dome model 1250 high profile 40′ diam. on the coast of Louisiana about 160 miles west of New Orleans in an area called Pecan Island.

We all know the destructive power of Katrina. Joel reported there were over 400 homes destroyed in his area.

There was no structural damage to Deb and Joel’s dome. The damage was to the asphalt shingles. Joel regrets his decision to go with the lower grade laminated shingle and 30 pound        felt paper underlayment. He says, with hindsight, he should have used heavyweight, 50+ year laminated shingles with the ice and water shield seal down underlayment.

The lightweight shingles were damaged exposing the felt paper underlayment, which tears easily. This allowed water to get inside his dome. However, about the only interior damage was some water staining on the interior spruce wood paneling. These can be replaced by removing the individual boards that were stained.

The dome is being repaired using an ice and water shield stickyback membrane underlayment and heavyweight 50+ year laminated shingles with a 110 MPH wind speed warranty.

The fact that so many other homes in the neighborhood were severely damaged and the Natural Spaces Dome had no structural damage shows how well our domes take extremely high winds.