Roofing Introduction

Our experience is your gain.

There are several types of roofing materials that work for domes to meet your needs and desired aesthetics. 95% of our customers use high-grade dimensional asphalt shingles to roof their dome. Following our time-proven installation techniques and using Natural Spaces Domes custom and VELUX skylights, you will have a leak-free roof for many years to come. Some asphalt shingle manufacturers require some form of ventilation under their shingles and above the insulation in order to maintain their 30-50 year warranty. Our ventilated air space between the exterior panel and the insulation satisfies this requirement.

A laminate architectural shingle with an SBS polymer creates an asphalt shingle with great pliability (like Malarkey’s legacy shingle) which easily bends over the edge of the dome panel. An all-fiberglass shingle seems to be too stiff. We do not recommend the cheap 3-tab shingle due to appearance, more waste and a maximum life of only 10 – 15 years. Plus they really don’t work on domes – the wind lifts the tabs. Ultra or “50-year” Lifetime warranted shingles should be used in high wind area or for maximum longevity. Timberline shingles include an algae-eater protection as an option. When shingles are ordered with your dome kit, they are shipped free because our trucker ships by the mile, not by the total weight. (A square is 100 sq ft of area). Class “A” fire rated.

Our curb-mounted skylights with 5″ flashing extensions are an integral part of our complete watertight roof system. Other skylights come with only a 1 1/2” to 2” flashing – barely enough to cover the shingles. Our flashings are enameled aluminum or PVC coated aluminum so you never have to repaint them. We offer them in 30 colors to blend with your shingles and match your trim. Extensive use of ice and water- shield membranes, metal base flared drip edges, oversized drip and roof edge flashings are other ways we ensure a long lasting leak free dome home.
We shingle triangle by triangle with a 6” overlap of the lower triangle by the upper triangle. We do not use or allow ridge caps on any of the joints. We do not have leaks. Period.

Reinke aluminum shakes are another option. They have a limited lifetime warranty and come in 9 colors and real copper. They are rated for 150 mph wind speeds.

Real cedar shakes or shingles can be used if you have an experienced roofer who has applied them before.

The dome to the left has an elastomeric liquid roofing system. Texture can be added to this system. Our Natural Spaces dome, because it is ventilated under the roofing plywood and uses touch-sanded plywood, is ideally suited for this application.

Roofing or Re-Roofing your dome?  Do it right! Purchase our 70-page chapter from our Construction manual on how to roof your dome correctly!