Two Other Organizations that Share Natural Spaces Values:

Kids for Saving Earth
Kids for Saving Earth is a non-profit environmental educational organization run by Tessa Hill, co-owner of Natural Spaces Domes. Their fun and educational information on the environment is all geared towards children. You can receive posters, books, and other information for your kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews. Your new dome home should be a catalyst for a new lifestyle for your entire family.

Healthy Child Healthy World
Healthy Child Healthy World has spearheaded a national campaign aimed at reducing toxic chemicals in all parts of our life. Natural Spaces Domes has endorsed their efforts and has taken the following initiatives:

A donation to Healthy Child Healthy World to be used in support of their on-going campaign.

A purchase and distribution of Healthy Child Healthy World’s “Household Detective” manual to all new Natural Spaces Domes customers. CLICK HERE for a look at this wonderful source book on fHealthy Child Healthy Worldinding and eliminating toxins in your household environment.

We also distribute their informational DVD’s on methods to make your home healthier for you and your children.

Natural Spaces Domes has done a systematic review of all the components we use and provide in the manufacturing of our dome home systems. We have always looked for more environmentally sane ways to produce our dome homes.