Leaky Roof Tiles

Dear Natural Spaces Domes

I am handling an insurance claim involving a dome home in Soldotna AK. I don’t know who did the original construction. I am trying to find out why the roof is leaking so badly? I have read numerous web sites that say the sealant in between the roof tiles should last 50-75 years. This home is not nearly that old. I believe it is only 8-10 years old. Can you advise as to what could have been done to prevent this? Your assistance is appreciated. This is going on all over the house.


I believe the original construction was by Monterey Domes, it should have overlapping panels similar to shingling, with a sealant under each joint, which in my opinion is not good because you are relying on the sealant that has to expand and contract and maintain its adhesion to the panels – I believe that the original seal was compromised and additional sealant was added which may or may not be compatible with base material or the base material was not clean. At any rate, openings in sealant let water into panels by joints and not always out because of some areas still being sealed – Also, the plastic bubble window is hinged from wrong side, more water could be added to dome by using a large funnel. 🙂

Natural Spaces Domes