Should I Build a Dome?

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Yes! Natural Spaces Domes are more environmentally sane, more healthier homes, can be built for less cost, and have a special spirit that conventional box houses don’t have.

There are no zoning codes that restrict Natural Spaces domes, and our domes exceed all energy codes. You may be restricted on height as some codes have a maximum height of 30′ to 35′. Most of our domes are less than 30′ high. But large domes with a view cupola may need a variance. 

It’s only when you have a developer who is a builder, and they want you to build their house, they then put restrictions on their lots – “no log homes, no earth homes, no domes, no imagination”.

Our domes have been built north of the arctic circle in Norway, in New Zealand, in Japan, Cyprus, Russia, Brazil – Anywhere.