Our Hybrid Vehicles

Our Hybrid Vehicles – Not every couple has “his and her” hybrids, but they should. Dennis bought the Honda Insight in 2000. It now has over 87,000 dirt-cheap miles. A trip from North Branch, MN to St. Louis, MO averaged 63mpg at freeway speeds of 75mph. Tessa bought her 2005 Ford Escape hybrid SUV; then not available in Minnesota, she tracked one down in California. The Ford hybrid reduces “bad” emissions over 90%. With over 68,000 miles driven, the Escape averages 27-30 MPG, double the mileage of her previous SUV. (The Escape averages 30-34 mpg with predominantly city driving). These gas/electric hybrids never need to be plugged in because they recharge themselves while driving. This is just another example of our life long commitment to alternative, energy efficient, earth-saving systems.

Bottom photo – My 95 year old dad, Odin, just bought a brand new car! That might be enough news by itself except he wanted a new 2009 Ford Escape hybrid (the black one on the left). Besides the riding comfort (heated leather seats) and ease of entry in a high riding SUV, he really wanted the hybrid to save on gas and reduce pollution. In this case, like son, like father.