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Custom architecturally stunning 4700sqft Natural Spaces Dome Residence overlooking two cascading creeks ready for Hydro-power with water rights & pond permits in process! Newly parked out forest with sunlit walking/snowmobile/4-wheeler trails bordering State Forest land with trails to the National Forest and wildlife galore on the property! Strategically Landscaped property features beautiful south facing garden area, fruit trees & flowerbeds, a large enclosed pole barn w/concrete floor and RV space.
The Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome is an amazing 46-foot diameter mid profile dome system with energy saving 15? thick walls encompassing a massive 4,700 square feet of comfortable living space, with extra room for guests. There are three levels with three bedrooms and three bathrooms plus a full finished walk out basement.
The main level is 1,860 sq. ft. and has a large kitchen with spacious cabinets, new countertops with stainless steel appliances. A sunny breakfast nook adds to the usability of the kitchen. The roomy master bedroom has great views of the massive granite hillside. Completing this space is an ample walk in closet and attached Master bathroom featuring two sinks with new countertops, and a neo-angle shower.
A spacious living room overlooks the two cascading creeks and all the wild life that abounds. Enjoy a plethora of wildlife while sipping tea and reading your favorite novel from your porch! An open library lined floor to ceiling with oak glassed in cabinets can double as an office space or relaxing reading / study area. A wood stove heats the top two floors of this dome very efficiently.

The third floor has two bedrooms both with great views of the property. One bedroom is very large and has built in shelving and a moderate walk in closet. The other bedroom is smaller but also has a small walk in closet. The full bathroom is very roomy with a built in linen closet and octagon window for plenty of daylight lighting and is centrally located between the bedrooms.

There is a view cupola that has 75 sq. ft. of standing or sitting room with a 360 degree view of the property from this vantage point. There are five opening screened windows that help to vent heat from the home in the summer.

The 1,860 sq. ft. daylight basement, utilizes two-thirds of the square footage for a very large open family room. Use for additional bunk space for guests, other uses include office spaces, family room, and exercise room with about a one-third of the space that can be used for a recreation room/hobby room. There is a full bathroom located in this area. Cold storage room for your canned goods from the garden, and other organic goodies located in the finished basement as well.

The 29 foot diameter mid profile attached two car dome garage has 1,250 sq. ft. the lower space filled with cabinets and countertops, perfect for a complete off grid kitchen highlighted by a wood cook stove and prep area. Imagine walking over from your Walipini, harvesting fresh organic / non-gmo ?live? food into your prep area and preparing a wonderful salad, walking down to the pond and enjoying a breeze on a hot summer day, and don?t forget the ice tea!
The second floor has been wired but is unfinished. This space could be converted to additional bedrooms and an added bathroom or used for storage/hobby shop. The new owner could also retrofit the top floor of the 29 foot dome into a greenhouse! This would allow year round growing and starts in spring!

A huge 28 x 50 Five Bay pole barn with concrete floor sits just to the north of the home. It features two man doors and four garage doors with one tall RV door. There is also a 6 x 14 extension on one side for chickens, and a 6 x 16 extension for rabbits and the entire backside covers and protects up to 12 cords of seasoned cut and stacked firewood. Close by is an 8 x 12 storage or play house.

The Deep Creek Property Review
Recently, California declared a State of Emergency over Water Resources. It?s not unreasonable to speculate that at some point water usage could be controlled, not only in California but in other drought ridden states in America. If you?re looking for a sustainable property, you?ll surely agree that Water is the one aspect of your property search that you should never compromise on, ever. Water is life!
The Deep Creek Retreat has a bountiful supply of prolific water sources, enough water for almost any application or use one could think of.
There are three creeks on the property, the main Deep Creek, a small tributary of Deep Creek and a seasonal run off creek from the neighboring watershed that fills a seasonal pond near the eastern entrance to the retreat. This seasonal pond can be excavated and made into a year round pond with the proper design and permits.
Main Deep Creek; The property was inspected by a Sustainability Team on 4-3-15 that measured an initial flow of 2,511.036 gpm at 2.0 fps, and adjusted for seasonal creek flow (-20%) to determined an average constant year round flow of approximately 2,000 gpm or 1.671 cfs / 3.314 afd.
The main creek originates on USFS property at an elevation of 4,000 feet on White Mountain and runs approximately 2.64 miles dropping 1,800 feet before entering the property, providing approximately 70 to 90 feet of fall on the property that can be utilized for hydro-power applications. Detailed inspection notes are available to interested parties.
Tributary Deep Creek; The team inspected the tributary of Deep Creek located about 100 feet to the north-east of Deep Creek, on the property. The creek is marked on the USGS maps as a year round stream, and according to the owner has never dried up in the last 19 years, however, the owner states it?s a seasonal creek. The creek flow was measured at an initial flow of 434.775 gpm at 1.25 fps, and adjusted for seasonal creek flow (-8%) to determine the average constant year round flow of approximately 400 gpm or .89 cfs.
The tributary originates on State of Idaho lands at approximately 2,800 foot elevation and falls 600 feet before entering the property, providing limited hydro-power capacity, however has been determined to be an effective source to fill a 10.5 million gallon pond on the property. This pond may be used for fish propagation and stocked by the new owner with native cutthroat trout. The permits for both the pond and hydro-power water rights have been filed with the State of Idaho and will be transferred to the new owner. The new owner will then be required to apply to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for the stocking permits.
This Family Retreat features two cascading year round creeks with up to 70-90 feet of fall capable of producing an extraordinary amount of hydro-power energy per day to run the entire home, property and sustain year round food production. Currently, the property is on the grid with an 8.5 KW diesel generator as a back-up power.
The current owners have just applied for water rights and permits to construct a hydro-power system using the waters from Deep Creek and a 10.5 million gallon water storage pond off the Deep Creek tributary.
Once installed, the hydro-power system will generate between 1500 and 2000 watts per hour. This equals 36 to 48 KW per day or 1080 to 1440 KW of power per month. The average US household uses approximately 960 KW of power per month. This hydro-system will produce enough power for the entire property, including grow lights for the greenhouse (year round food production), any aeration pumps for the fish propagation pond(s), shop tools and of course running the entire home.

The current owners have done a great job of creating small areas of food production and perennial plants, and the property has the ability to feed a large amount of folks, even to be retrofitted into an edible food forest and family farm to produce goods for the local farmers markets in the area.

The property boasts a wide variety of edibles, it?s almost like a mini-food forest with Kiwi?s, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Candice Grapes (a cultivar of seedless red grape) with a bit of a sweet flavor. It is a late season cultivar ripening about mid-September into October and is very hardy, Jostaberry Gooseberries (cross between a Gooseberry and Black Currant) with mature plants producing 10-12 pounds per plant of sweet-tart fruit excellent for jams, jellies and preserves. The Jostaberry on the property are not fully matire yet and produce less fruit.

A wide variety of trees grace the serene landscape of the Deep Creek Retreat including:

Fruit Trees: 1 Crab Apple (great for jelly and applesauce), 1 Honey Crisp Apple, 1 Green Apple (nice eating apple), 1 Tart Pie Apple (variety unknown), 1 Royal Purple Plum, 1 Green Gage Plum, 1 Italian Plum, 2 Pear Trees.

Nut Trees: 2 Carpathian Walnuts 1 Filbert

Ornamental Trees: 4 Weeping Spruce, 1 Aspen, 2 Flowering Plums (one green one burgundy), 2 Flowering Weeping Crabs, 1 Weeping Pussy Willow, 1 Katsura, 7 Flowering Cherry Trees (Green in spring and burgundy in summer and fall), 5 Coral Burst Crabs, 3 French Lilacs, 2 White Locusts, 2 Maples (great fall color), 1 Ohio Buckeye (great fall color), 5 Magnolia?s (1 pink, 4 white),1 Russian Olive, 1 Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, 2 Ginkgo?s, 1 Pink Dogwood, 1 Contorted Filbert & 6 more flowering trees of unknown species.
The improvement plan for the new owner can include the installation of a year round greenhouse (Walipini) heated with both compost on the outside walls, rocket mass heater or wood fired boiler. Grow lights may be used in the winter, powered by the hydro system to complete the sustainable food production package in the garden area.
Protein Production: If the new owners would like to have a viable and sustainable renewable source of protein, the property can sustain sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, rabbits, and several head of cattle either by bringing in outside feed or with several small improvements (pasture creation on the southeast portion of the property), along with many species of poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, and others, depending upon the new owners tastes.
Once the permits are issued and the pond is built the large storage capacity and constant creek flow through should provide a stable ecosystem for the propagation of native Rainbow Trout, Perch, Largemouth Bass, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Bream or Bluegill all of which are native to the McArthur lake drainage. The Idaho Fish and Game will advise as to what species can be legally stocked in the new pond.
Wild Game: The Deep Creek drainage into McArthur Lake hosts a variety of wildlife for viewing and hunting, including Elk, Moose, Bear, Deer, and a variety of small animals. Inside the McArthur Lake management area supports over 2,000 ducks (American Wigeon, Mallard, Green-winged Teal, Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye, and Bufflehead) and Canada Goose during migration in the spring and fall. Significant populations of waterfowl, secretive marsh birds, and shorebirds nest here. American White Pelican and >100 shorebirds (Killdeer, Wilson?s Snipe, Greater Yellowlegs, Long-billed Dowitcher, Western, Spotted, and Solitary Sandpipers) can be seen in late summer. Nesting birds include Veery, Swainson?s Thrush, and Vaux?s Swift. Bald Eagle?s nest here regularly.
Zoning: The property is zoned as Agricultural/Forestry with a minimum of 10-acre lot sizes. This allows the new owner to put two more houses on the property, or to sell of either two 10-acre parcels or one 20-acre parcel, however, SRC highly recommends keeping the entire property as a family legacy property.
For more information, pictures and videos, please contact Todd Savage, Owner/Realtor and Sustainable Property Consultant at 406-241-1795 or
Listing Courtesy of United Country ? Strategic Relocation Realty.
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Sandpoint Idaho?.A 5 out of 5 in the redoubt of America.

If you are looking for a strategic location in the redoubt this home and property qualifies on every level. First a Natural Spaces Geodesic Dome is built like a fortress, nothing stronger than a ball and triangle and a Natural Spaces Dome is of the highest quality. We are located 1.75 miles (1/2 mile is private) from hi-way 95 and 17 miles from shopping in Ponderay on good year round roads. We have 30 gloriously timbered acres with a large pond, class A stream and seasonal creek. Stream lends itself to hydro and seasonal creek (which has not gone dry in the 18 years we have lived here) could be dammed up and made into a year round fish pond viewed from the living room.
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