International Dome Dealers of Natural Spaces Domes

International Dome Dealers of Natural Spaces Domes

The following dealers or consultants can build domes or supply our dome components or help you build in their marketing areas.  You can contact them or Natural Spaces Domes for more information and local prices.

Some words about local prices: We can ship complete, pre-fabricated, dome shell building components or just our metal dome connection system anywhere on this Earth.  Shipping costs vary depending on weight, size of the crate or container, shipping method (by sea, by air or a combination of sea and air), along with different duties, taxes, and import fees.  The local price charged by the dealer for these dome components includes all of the shipping and import costs and is not controlled by Natural Spaces Domes.

Some of our dealers manufacture dome components using our metal connection hardware system.  They follow our method of manufacturing dome building components. However, some parts may vary due to available local materials.

Check back with this page as we are occasionally adding dealers or consultants.  If you don’t see one in your area, contact us directly.  Shipping costs are usually cheaper than you might think.


Planet Dome Ltd
Simon Simou
Phone : +00 357 96717365

Central Asia & Europe

Kairat Kamerdenov
( Кайрат Камерденов)
Astana, Kazakhstan
Phone : +77 172570986
Cell Phone : +77 015273317
Skype : Kamerdenov1







der Holthoer
Dome consultant
Lohja, Finland
Phone: +358-45-1354-649