We have 3 domes on Cyprus near Nicosia as of the start of 2012. We have more in the planning stages.


Natassa and Klitos have 2 domes as part of their wellness center and home. One is a model 90 (950) low profile 10.9 meter (36′) diameter and the other is a model 58 (625) mid profile 9 meter (29′) diameter. Both domes are built over a ground floor level and the 9 meter dome is one floor above the other dome and set back on a “shelf”. The complete shell kit with insulation, interior panels, skylights, and lumber was shipped from the U.S.A.

Christina and Constantinos built a model 44 (500) mid profile 8 meter (26′) diameter dome starting in the last half of 2011. Their dome is our “sawtooth” model allowing for conventional windows in eye level in the riser walls. They have their master bedroom in the upper floor loft. They also shipped the complete dome shell kit with insulation, interior panels, skylights and lumber in a container from the U.S.A.

Stella and Christos built their 36′ high profile dome near Nicosia in 2015.