Natural Spaces Domes has not viewed these domes (unless indicated). We have no idea of the condition that they are in or what, if any, “problems” exist. As with any real estate transaction, you need to investigate each actual home in person. You may need to hire an expert to do a thorough building inspection. Most local home inspectors know conventional houses but have little expertise in domes.

We, at Natural Spaces Domes, consider ourselves to be dome experts. We can inspect the dome and give you a written report of its condition. We may be able to give you an estimate, depending on repairs needed. Contact us for an inspection quote.

Natural Spaces Domes accepts no responsibility in regards to any of the dome listings. Please notify us of any changes to the status of these domes. If you are looking at a dome in Minnesota or western Wisconsin we maintain files and plans on all of our domes going back to the 1970’s. We also maintain files and information on domes we have repaired/renovated, on sales of domes, and currently have over 1500 domes in our files.