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Schroeder, MN

About this dome

  • Size: 2758 sq ft
  • Lot size: 1.3 acres
  • Property contacts
    • Emily Breaker, realtor
      (218) 387-5240

Sale details

9480 W Highway 61, Schroeder, MN 55613

Unique 4 bedroom, 2 bath Dome home on Lake Superior. Located East of the Cook County line, this home has character in the house itself as well in the shoreline of Lake Superior where the rocky terrain leaves you with a great view as well as useable shoreline for rock picking and launching kayaks on a calm day. As for the rough water days, take sight of a large rock, jutting out of the lake, placed about 20+ feet off the shore, where the wave crash making for spectacular sites. Bonus 2 car garage for storage near the front door and an additional detached deck near the lake for any kind of occasion. Used this geodesic home for yourself or leave it in the rental program where there is a great following.