Kingston, TN

About this dome

  • Size: 1847 sq ft
  • Lot size: 1.33 acres
  • Property contacts
    • Jerry Pennington, realtor

130 Lake Overlook, Kingston, TN 37763

This dome sold on 8/22/2018 for $385,000.

Lakefront Geodesic Dome! Have you ever seen a geodesic home? This is your chance to live, play and relax in a geodesic home right on the river in a rural Kingston setting featuring a breathtaking lake view right from the living room window. This custom built eye-catching home doesn’t use rectangular boards and right angles; instead, it was built using triangles and polygons for walls and other accents. Designed to be energy-efficient the innovative sphere-shaped home has a smaller surface area to help minimize heat loss, plus it uses natural light from windows and even has an overhead skylight shared between two rooms.